Talisma’s Intelligent CRM

Delivering better customer experience through intelligence!

Talisma’s new generation intelligent CRM presents a whole new way of understanding customers. It is a solution that delivers much needed predictability across interactions and transactions. It works by learning from every customer interaction. It can also validate customer data, study campaign responses, suggest campaign parameters (time, segmentation, target profiles) and engage customers and prospects in automated chat sessions.

With every campaign and interaction, the CRM learns and morphs to adapt to become more relevant for your business, thanks to its predictive intelligence capabilities. It delivers better visibility into prospect interactions and customer purchases and generates actionable insights including prioritized opportunities. The machine learning ability helps identify and shortlist customers who are ready to buy or are in advanced stages of taking a ‘buy’ decision.

Talisma’s intelligent CRM helps you:

  • Leverage existing enterprise/business unit information and build on it
  • Engage customers through intelligent and contextual responses to queries in auto-mode
  • Improve predictably in areas such as sales, marketing and service
  • Gain pro-active insight driven suggestions for campaigns and content development for be-spoke and planned interactions

Talisma’s intelligent CRM gives your business a platform to gain better insights and a higher degree of predictability to deliver better customer experience.