Unified Communication Platform

Connect with Your Customers in Realtime

Are you able to connect with your customers in realtime and sustain engaging conversations? Can your organisation communicate precisely with customers without being bogged down by channel constraints?

Talisma Unified Communication Platform(UCP) enables true collaboration. It helps your institution reach out to customers, vendors, partners, co-workers or other groups and communicate key messages in real time. Talisma UCP represents true convergence and offers immense benefits to your organisation in areas such as real-time collaboration, efficiency, productivity and resource management.

With Talisma UCP, you can collaborate with your customers at all times and:

  • Send real-time messages to customers or other stakeholders
  • Receive instant feedback
  • Launch targeted Voice of Customer programmes
  • Minimise dependency on channels that do not offer real-time communication
  • Integrate your institutional communication and outreach initiatives
  • Communicate with a personal touch

To understand how a UCP can transform your business, speak to us.