Talisma CRM for Government

Provide Citizens Access to Information
and Services 24/7

Provide citizens a digital gateway to services

Talisma Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) puts citizens at the heart of your agency's processes, activities, and information. This multichannel communications solution creates a digital gateway to information and services, delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, through the right communications channel.

Talisma CRM for Government helps you unite departments and comply with a variety of regulatory requirements for public disclosure. The solution helps speed and improve resolution rates by capturing and analyzing important data pertaining to communications, concerns,and public dissemination of relevant and timely information.

Talisma CRM empowers citizens:

  • Solicit, track, and respond dynamically to citizen feedback
  • Automatically categorize, prioritize, and route calls
  • Improve response times and resolution rates
  • Provide 24/7 on-demand access to public information
  • Schedule meetings and enable payments and event registration online
  • Easily comply with regulatory requirements regarding dissemination of information

Resolve issues faster and more efficiently with Talisma CRM

Talisma CRM helps improve resolution rates by capturing and analyzing important data pertaining to issues and complaints. A built-in grievance redressal mechanism allows calls, issues, and service requests to be automatically categorized, prioritized and routed to appropriate staff members, enabling better response time, visibility and personalized responses.

Today, government agencies can engage citizens, automate workflows, and reduce expenses, with Talisma CRM for Government.