Attain Core Business Objectives

Talisma CRM delivers an unmatched value proposition for manufacturers

Talisma CRM can help manufacturers attain their core business objectives – viz., drive revenue growth, expand margins and cost saving and to take offerings successfully to new markets.

Talisma CRM offers many benefits to manufacturers of all sizes. It is a solution built to help manufacturers do more. Our solutions help manufacturers in these areas:

Improving sales, business development and marketing

Talisma CRM helps your sales and marketing teams to reach out to new customer segments to boost sales volumes. Through customized campaigns and other marketing initiatives, manufacturers can target new segments while deepening their relationship with existing customers.

Managing vendor and dealer/distributor relationships

Talisma CRM provides manufacturers with a highly effective medium for communicating with their distributors and also ensures that distributors have the necessary information and skills to increase win rates on deals and to provide high-quality, consistent service to their joint customers.

Making the most out of post-sales opportunities

Our CRM is an imperative for industrial manufacturers who seek a closed-loop service delivery process that encompasses key processes such as service and sales bundling, contract management, entitlement management, preventive maintenance, skills-based service request routing, solutions knowledgebase management, and grievance/feedback management.

Improving order management for accelerating the sales cycle

Talisma CRM helps ensure that their complex orders and quotes are managed accurately. It comes with business rules that help manufacturers connect the value proposition proposed in a campaign with an actual product. This improves sales accuracy and product up sell and cross sell.

Key features

  • Relationship Management
  • Quote, contract management and order processing
  • Supply chain management
  • Intuitive work flows
  • Social media marketing
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer communication management
  • Partner Management
  • Customer-service tracking and management
  • Loyalty management
  • Order capture and tracking