Talisma CRM Tailored to Your Industry

Talisma software is tailored to your industry’s culture, constituents, and best practices. We understand your organizational processes and workflows and deliver products aligned with your unique audience, whether they are students, clients, citizens, or global companies. With Talisma software, you can create targeted marketing campaigns consistently across multiple communications channels, analyze campaign effectiveness, increase brand awareness and profits, and provide exceptional customer service.

Talisma CRM for Financial Services - Unite branches and communcations histories, deliver products online, automate sales processes, differentiate in a crowded market through exceptional customer service and inncrease cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Talisma CRM for Travel & Leisure - Build and sustain brand loyalty, create a single, comprehensive view of customers and their vacation, business, and travel patterns, and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Talisma CRM for Government - Provide citizens instant access to government services and information over the Web, and improve workflows and communications with employees and other government agencies.

Talisma CRM for BPOs - Ensure an exceptional and consistent customer experience across Websites, contact centers, print, and email on behalf of global companies.​