Talisma Business Intelligence

Delivering Real Actionable Intelligence

How much is actionable business intelligence worth for your organization?

Priceless. Yes, you cannot put a price tag on information that can positively alter your business fortunes. When it comes to data, the challenge is not in gathering, storing or sharing it but in analysing and arriving at decisions based on the analysis.

Which is why you need an agile Business Intelligence tool that can help you seamlessly filter through volumes of information and derive data that is important to you in a format of your choice.

It is not enough to have actionable information. Your information managers need to ensure that they reach the right stakeholders in time and in the right format to ensure that all contributors to decision making have access to actionable information whenever needed.

To help enterprises gain actionable information and arrive at better business decisions, Talisma Corporation has developed a business intelligence application called Talisma Performance Analytics that matches the diverse BI expectations that today’s institutions have.

Through a comprehensive dashboard, the application gives you the power to:

  • Group, sort and filter data to reveal trends
  • Plot graphs and charts to evaluate and understand operational influence
  • Save, export, post and collaborate

With Talisma Performance Analytics, organizations are better placed to obtain a 360 degree view of their customers. Such information can be useful in predicting customer behaviour and facilitates cross sell and up sell initiatives while feeding into your customer retention strategy.

Talisma Performance Analytics offers a range of benefits to your organization and can help your organization use information to gain business advantage.

TPA enables your organization to:

  • Understand the depth of competitive pressures and market scenario
  • Determine the areas where answers are needed to plan, budget, control, monitor, measure, assess, and/or improve organizational performance in relation to strategic goals
  • Identify the applications, processes and analytical workflows that can support execution of key business processes and enterprise-wide performance management
  • Implement and follow well-established and technically sound procedures for dentifying, acquiring, integrating, staging, and delivering the data and information that your managers need
  • Measure business goals by analysing cross-departmental data
  • Monitor effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Analyse sales revenue, lead conversion and agent performance
  • Monitor customer behaviour to improve service and strengthen relationships
  • Track internal business trends to improve processes
  • Fine-tune business strategies