Talisma Knowledgebase

Reduce Routine Customer Service Inquiries by 50%

By directing service-oriented phone calls to the Web where constituents serve themselves, your customer service representative can remain focused on resolving unique issues that arise and answer complex questions that require verbal exchange.

Talisma Knowledgebase can contain a wide range of structured and unstructured articles and information, such as HTML, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Word and Excel, text files, images and Web links.

Key benefits

  • Handle larger inquiry volumes with the same level of staffing and better manage spikes in demand
  • Reduce hold times, increase first-time resolution rates, resolve issues faster, deliver precise answers, and offer self-service options for long-term constituent loyalty
  • Direct the easiest, most common questions to Web self-service, which offers personalized answers so that staff can focus on resolving more complex and difficult questions
  • Experience an immediate return on investment by lowering operating costs and directing expensive phone calls to the Web, while maintaining current staffing levels

Develop content easily and efficiently

With Talisma Knowledgebase, service and support groups can continually capture, create, and refine knowledge solutions as part of their daily workflow. As solutions are approved and published to the knowledgebase, they become immediately available for shared use across functional areas and multiple channels, including phone, email, chat, and the Web.

Users can easily tailor content delivery to different audiences using content rules and branded knowledge-article templates.