Talisma Mobile CRM

Critical Information on the Go

Your sales force is constantly on the move while speaking to customers and closing deals across their respective territories. In such a scenario, it is essential that your sales agents get access to information without having to review multiple lists and scrolling through pages.

With Talisma Mobile CRM, your sales teams can stay connected to and access account history, competition information and key updates and notifications. This ensures availability of critical information on the go and greater collaboration between team members.

Talisma Mobile CRM also offers a powerful schedule management to ensure that your support staff can effectively coordinate and manage the time spent en route to customer’s location, service calls, follow-up visits, and other activities.

Further, various activities occur during transit that can impact the way your sales agent interacts with existing and potential clients.

Only Talisma Mobile CRM delivers

  • Access to up-to-date information
  • Better flow of information within your organization
  • Ease of location, contacting and managing customer data
  • Enhanced salesforce productivity and efficiency
  • Savings in terms of time and resources
  • Accelerated sales cycles: close deals in shorter time frame and with lesser calls per lead