Talisma Social CRM

Social Media is the New Communication Frontier

With increasing number of users and rising internet penetration, it has captured the imagination of marketers across industries. So is your organization ready to engage your target audience over social media?

Imagine a social media platform that lets you talk to your interest groups and helps you launch targeted campaigns to profitably engage them. Yes, we are talking about an application that is multidimensional, provides information on groups that could interest your marketing and sales teams, helps you build your brand, enhances customer loyalty and enables you to build a vast customer base across social media sites.

Talisma Social CRM can help your organization understand the behaviour of social media participants and engage them with focussed campaigns. The application meets the social media marketing needs of organizations planning to deepen their marketing commitment over social media.

Talisma Social CRM offers your institution an unmatched platform to further your brand value across social media sites.

With Talisma Social CRM your organization will be able to:

  • Build your brand across social media sites
  • Increase customer retention, enhance brand recall
  • Launch targeted campaigns over social media powered by in-depth insight into target audience
  • Measure your brand value on social media
  • Make your customer service teams more proactive and responsive
  • Segment your customers into different groups based on multiple parameters to increase campaign effectiveness
  • Listen to your brand conversations over the world wide web
  • Collate customer feedback with ease
  • Reduce the cost of lead generation