Talisma Digital Platform

Delivering an Engaging Experience through a Digital Platform

It is an omni-channel world out there. A world that is driven –not by transaction and communications, but by consistency of engagement experience. How much does your organisation score, when it comes to delivering a consistent experience across the customer engagement spectrum?


Switch to Talisma

Talisma Digital Platform, ranked high and endorsed extensively by diverse brands across verticals can help increase your customer satisfaction score and increase customer addition and retention. The underlying fundamental is simple - prospects or customers who receive personalised attention on a communication channel of their choice stay engaged with your brand for the longest period.

At a strategic level, the platform expands your customer engagement canvas by opening new avenues to increase business per customer. At a tactical level, Talisma Digital Platform strengthens both outreach and inbound communication efforts and empowers your customer service teams to do much more. With Talisma Digital Platform, your business can seamlessly transition from a being transaction driven entity to a visionary focused on delivering ‘top notch’ customer experience.

Customers of Talisma Digital Platform have derived these benefits from the solution:

  • Increase customer satisfaction, improve feedback and reviews
  • Reduce cost per engagement sequence/communication
  • Improve brand traction
  • In-depth analytics for insights
  • Gain a unified view of your customer

Learn why so many businesses are switching to Talisma Digital Platform.