Talisma CRM Suite

Customers, Citizens, Students. They are All Unique and Talisma CRM Enables You to Treat Them That Way.

Talisma helps a wide range of global companies and organizations build and sustain relationships with constituents, strengthen their brands, and stay competitive in increasingly competitive markets.

The software enables you to deliver highly personalized information and services across marketing, sales, and service functions and offers powerful tools for staging and measuring marketing campaigns, managing the sales pipeline, increasing revenue, and gaining insight into operational performance and customer needs.

Talisma CRM Software Suite:

  • Talisma Marketing - Personalize and track marketing campaigns
  • Talisma Sales - Empower your sales team through sales force automation and online tools
  • Talisma Service - Maximize responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Talisma CRM Channels - Communicate with customers through their preferred channel: phone, email, chat, SMS text, Web, print
  • Talisma Knowledgebase - Empower your customer service staff and your internal and external customers by providing instant access to critical knowledge.
  • Talisma Social CRM – engage in profitable conversations with your customers over social media
  • Talisma Business Intelligence – delivering real actionable business intelligence
  • Talisma Mobility - Empower your salesforce by connecting them with information on the go

Gain greater insight into operational performance

With Talisma CRM, management gains access to both in-depth tactical dashboards and big-picture strategic reports to drive consistent improvements.

  • Analyze customer trends for effective marketing campaigns
  • Cultivate profitable relationships through intelligent selling
  • Create unique customer experiences for seamless service

Leverage industry expertise

Financial Services. BPO Services. Travel & Leisure. Higher Education. Recruitment & Staffing. Going beyond offering superior products, Talisma brings expertise and best practices honed over years of successful implementations and support for your industry.

Solutions that grow with you

Talisma scales to meet the needs of large and small businesses with diverse customer bases, and meets stringent SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Businesses gain real control as Talisma measures, monitors, and forecasts critical information.