4 smart ways the CTI Software upgrades Customer Experience

Life at a Call Center is not easy by any chance due to its overly demanding nature. Call centers deal with numerous customer inquiries daily. When you interact with number of people each day, you need to be prompt and possess a presence of mind. As the workload at call centers is too high, the need for automation is highly welcomed. That’s how Computer Telephony Integration Software aka Contact Center CTI has comes into being.


Nowadays, people desire great experiences along with valuable products and services. When they get good treatment from your brand, they tend to come back repeatedly. So, brands have now started stressing more on CX (Customer Experience) to improve the Customer Retention Rate. Contact Center CTI is one such tool that helps companies to provide their clients/customers a positive customer service experiences. Call center executives get 500-1000 calls each day and hence they need something highly supportive, like Contact Center CTI Software. In simple words, CTI Software connects or integrates the phone with a computer so that you can handle incoming/outgoing calls with your computer system instead of a regular phone. Through this technology, you can manage all customer calls effectively and efficiently with your computer desktop sans phone hardware. 


In today’s blog, Talisma Corporation will tell you about four ways the CTI Software upgrades Customer Experience. So, let’s keep reading. 


Intelligent Call Routing

Call Routing

No customer wants to wait in long queues for his or her queries and the situation becomes grimmer when customers are assigned to the wrong agents. With the aid of Intelligent Call Routing, handling multiple calls becomes as easy as ABC. Intelligent Call Routing ensures that customers are assigned to the right agents and the agents have customer data beforehand for providing proper client assistance. 


Enhanced Customer Service and Support

Customer service

CTI software when integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can provide top-notch CX (Customer Experience). It is because CTI comes with a lot of labor-saving and time-efficient features, such as data recording, caller authentication, phone flexibility, automatic floating UI system, and so on for catering to customers’ inquiries in the best way possible. 


Improved Productivity 

Improve Productivity

In a call center, every minute counts. Hence, employers make the most of Computer Telephony Integration Software so that the agent’s productivity is always at a higher scale. CTI reduces the average duration of each call by giving the agents complete access to the client’s information and allowing them greater call control so that they can deliver seamless CX. Also, with call recording or call reporting, managers can audit calls and provide valuable insights to the agents for improving their performance. 


Workflow Automation

workflow automating

Since there are so many departments in a single contact center, workflow automation becomes the ultimate exigency. Contact Center CTI takes care of it like a pro when integrated with a good CRM solution. Through this harmonious integration, one can streamline or simplify daily operations for smooth and efficient workflow.  


Talisma Corporation wants your business to achieve unparalleled growth. Thus, we offer both Contact Center CTI Software as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions so that you can give your clients a pleasant experience and generate higher revenues. Communicate with our professional team to learn more about our IT products. 


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