4 Tips to Improve Your Customer Acquisition Strategy!

The success and profitability of a business organization is directly connected to their customer acquisition strategy. Customer acquisition, as the name suggests, refers to techniques employed by a corporate to acquire new customers. A good customer acquisition strategy acquires new customers, retains old customers and improves overall productivity.

The customer acquisition process usually involves several steps

• Meeting the sales representative,
• Showcasing the product,
• Following up,
• Evaluation of options,
• Making the decision and
• Opening the account.

Here are 4 tips that will improve your customer acquisition strategy, helping you get more customers:

1. Engage

Acquiring new and loyal customers isn’t an easy process. In order to get more customers, it is important to first build a level of trust with them. Therefore, engagement is an important component of the customer acquisition strategy. To engage effectively with your customers, you must first understand their pain points. Based on these, you can provide content that solves these pain points. This helps in building long-term relationships with customers. Irrespective of whether engagement is online or offline, by reaching out to customers and fulfilling their requirements, you can boost your customer acquisition efforts.

2. Content

Content is not only king but also the foundation of customer acquisition. This is an extension of the previous tip. Relevant, interesting and engaging content can drive more customers towards your brand. Content can be multiple pieces such as blogs, articles, videos and infographics among others. The point is that the piece of content should communicate some benefit to the target customer. By providing content that provides answers to different pain points that a customer may have, you provide a superior customer experience which motivates more people to complete the sale. Hence, valuable content should be an essential part of your customer acquisition strategy.

3. Referrals

This is an age-old trick used by almost every major organization in their customer acquisition strategy. In order to motivate their existing customers to refer new people to their brand, corporates offer monetary incentives in exchange for these referrals. For example, Uber offers free rides to people referring their friends or family to use Uber. By incentivizing referrals, companies can easily boost their customer acquisition efforts. New customers are more likely to accept your brand if they are referred, as in the above case, by people they trust. Moreover, referrals shorten the customer acquisition process as customers sign up with your brand based on the word of their friends and family. There is a certain trust that comes along by association.

4. Partner

There is only so much that a company can achieve on its own. Entering into strategic partnerships can be a win-win by helping you as well as the partner company get new customers. By partnering, you can gain access to audience segments you did not have previously. Partnerships as a customer acquisition strategy need not be only with other corporates. Partnering with popular influencers related to your market can also boost your customer acquisition efforts. In this age of social media, people trust influencers. Hence by getting these influencers to promote your brand, you automatically win the trust of your prospective customers.
Customer acquisition is one of the most important stages of the end-to-end customer journey. The above tips can help you drive the maximum number of customers towards the point of sale. At Talisma, our transformative customer journey solutions use innovative strategies like lead management systems, sales opportunity management, lead to invoice workflow management, DMS and more to acquire more customers for you.

While customer acquisition is an essential part of the customer journey, prospect management is equally important. Read on to know 6 features that guarantee the success of prospect management.

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