5 features to look for before deploying a Contact Center CTI system

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a technology that connects computers and telephones to enable interactions between the two. Contact Center CTI is a system in which call centers do not need physical phones to perform telephonic activities, such as answering and disconnecting calls, transferring calls, putting callers on hold, etc. as they can perform the same with their desktops or laptops.Deployment of a Contact Center CTI framework is vital in empowering call centers to deliver high-level customer service. If you wish to learn how CTI Software reforms CX (Customer Experience), consider reading our blog: 4 smart ways the CTI Software upgrades Customer Experience

Working at a Call Center requires the patience of a saint and the speed of a rocket ship. To enlighten you about the vitality of Contact Center CTI, here we have presented some key highlights of the same.

63% of contact center leaders believe that virtual assistants and chatbots make it convenient for customers to have their issues resolved. [Source: Business Wire]

72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service they expect the agent to have complete knowledge of the respective customer’s profile – they must know who they are, what they have purchased, and insights into their previous engagements.” [Source: Microsoft]

70% of customers expect companies to collaborate on their behalf while 68% of customers get frustrated when their call is transferred from department to department. [Source: Zendesk]

82% of consumers say that getting their issues resolved quickly is one of the top parameters for a great customer service experience. [Source: ICMI]

Companies that use contact center analytics have reduced Average Handle Time by 40%. [Source: McKinsey]

Cloud-based Contact Centers resulted in a 15% reduction in IT personnel costs.

Incorporating the appropriate Contact Center CTI will improve cCustomer Service service and reduce operating costs to a greater extent. Let Talisma Corporation give share with you 5 features that you must consider while buying Contact Center CTI software. Proceed Keep reading for additional information on the subject.


This is the first criteria that will help you decide the best CTI software for your organization. Advanced Contact Center CTI or Cloud Telephony software encompasses beneficial features, like call recording, call monitoring, third-party integration support, historical reporting, call routing, sticky agent, real-time analytics, call transferring, call disposition, and so on.


Not looking for this particular attribute before opting for a CTI framework might create operational issues in the future. The Contact Center CTI must support your establishment’s future requirements as it’s a one-time investment deal.


The third feature that is an absolute compulsion would be privacy measures of the said Contact Center CTI. Call Centers do hold sensitive customer data and hence need a robust system to keep confidential information safe and secure inside the premises.


Of course, this goes without saying that ease-of-use matters a lot for call center executives as they have to deal with angry callers on a daily basis. That’s why you must select Contact Center CTI which is straightforward and allows convenient access at all times.

Free Trial

It’s always a good idea to try any software for a month without paying anything. As we said before, CTI systems are a one-time investment so it would be advantageous for the organization to test the product for a shorter period of time before making any long-term commitment.

Talisma Contact Center CTI makes call management an easy and absolute affair and additionally empowers Customer Journeys. Let your organization reach great heights via Talisma’s scalable CTI solutions. Communicate with our team to request a 100% Free Trial.

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