5 Growth-focused Initiatives that Will Drive Customer Engagement in 2021

How customers interact with a brand is ever-changing. However, the fundamentals of customer engagement remain the same – reaching out to the right audience with the right message. Easier said than done, brands are always on the lookout for trends that are driving customer engagement in the market and modifying those strategies to deliver a unique experience to maximize engagement, often through a dedicated CRM platform. In the cut-throat market competition and dynamics of today, gaining a competitive edge with the right CX strategy is the key.

Data-driven Marketing


A large-scale survey suggests that 81% of all customers are willing to share their personal information with brands in exchange for a personalized customer experience. In the age of big data, the challenge is to segment the large sets of data and reach out to the audience with a personalized message that resonates the best with them.

Or, companies can use personal data to deliver a personalized customer experience across all touchpoints. Understanding your target audience and using their data to enhance their experience is the key; the strategy simply follows suit.

A strong digital presence


Customer activities that migrated online due to COVID-19 are likely to stay online post the pandemic, as per latest studies. This urges brands to have a strong digital presence, especially on social media. Building a communication channel that allows consumers to interact with the brand across all communication platforms – like an omnichannel platform, is the need of the hour.

Besides, companies must focus on certain areas that will better enable customers to have their queries regarding a product or a service perfectly resolved online. This can call for chatbot automation, live-chat with co-browsing solutions, and more.

The age of advanced CRM solutions

CRM Solution

It is commendable how Information Technology has become an integral part of modern-day sales and marketing. What is even more noteworthy is how IT has evolved in sales and marketing. Today, IT has the power to streamline the sales process, segment the market accurately, and analyze real-time market data to provide detailed market insights.

Having a dedicated CRM system today is no more a luxury, but a necessity for brands to gain a competitive edge in the market. Advanced CRM solutions, like Talisma, go the extra mile to not only streamline customer service, but also provide in-depth market insights from big data to facilitate decision making and foster growth.

A video marketing strategy


A product or a service can be state-of-the-art. However, what really conveys standard is a visual aid. This is why 97% of marketers believe that a video marketing strategy is a necessity to help customers understand a product.

Customers are more likely to buy a product when they watch a demonstration of it. Furthermore, a corporate video explaining the usage of a product or service goes far beyond the efficiency of traditional product descriptions.

Product recommendations


When you provide product recommendations, you make it convenient for customers to purchase anything they require. Of course, the simpler you make shopping for your customers, the better their online shopping experience would be.

There is almost always a way to incorporate specific product recommendations, whether you are using direct response marketing to boost customer engagement or social media management tools to improve service engagement.

Website development and systems integration are the key to accomplish this. Furthermore, besides helping customers make purchase decisions and thereby driving customer engagement, product recommendations play a significant role in generating additional revenue by suggesting a purchase that the customer might not had originally thought of.

Now that we are familiar with the major trends to look out for in terms of customer engagement in 2021, it is evident that the jumpstart that businesses need to stay on top in 2021 is to implement a dedicated CRM system. From data-driven marketing to ensuring a strong digital presence and an engaging website, CRM is the key to gaining a competitive edge in today’s experience-focused market. Talisma is a market leader in providing dedicated CRM solutions for industries, generating value in marketing, articulating impeccable customer journey solutions, and building an elite clientele in the process. Visit Talisma to learn more.

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