5 major Email Marketing Blunders that might cost businesses a fortune

As per Radicati’s 2020 Email Statistics report, email is used by over 4 billion people meaning over half of the world’s population. Another report by Campaign Monitor published in 2021 reveals the fact that email marketing is extensively used by 64% of small businesses to reach their previous and potential customers. As a provider of email management software, Talisma Corporation truly believes in the power of email marketing. Some countable benefits of this effective marketing tool would be increased brand awareness, stronger client relationships, and higher sales. 


Zero Customization


Did you know that personalized email subject lines can boost open rates by 50%? Why? It is because every customer is unique with different expectations. You can’t treat all your clients the same way and hence must do Customer Segmentation which is to group them into categories for understanding their behavior and providing them better service. Your emails should be intelligently customized so that readers find them relevant and consider connecting with your brand.  


Mobile-unfriendliness Approach


61.9% of emails are opened on mobile as disclosed by reliable sources. Since a huge chunk of your target audience is reading emails on their smartphones, it’s an obvious thing to optimize your email content for mobile users to not lose your huge customer base. 


Absence of “Unsubscribe” Option

Unsolicited emails are no fun for anyone. If you do not want your emails to go to spam, allow your recipients the option to “opt-out” or unsubscribe. While adding the unsubscribe link, ensure that it’s easy to find it in the mail. Most business emails usually put the unsubscribe option in the footer but there’s no harm in putting the same within the mail content for eliminating confusion and frustration. 


Inappropriate Sending Schedule


What’s an ideal mail-sending schedule? This is something you can figure out better than us with your judgment. Nonetheless, it is never recommended to send daily cold emails as there’s a higher chance of such emails being welcomed to the spam folder. 


Poor CTAs


CTAs are the best ways to guide your audience to the next step. Without any proper CTA button, the readers will take your emails as a pinch of salt. Include straightforward CTAs (depending upon the type of audience) in all your emails to get a better response and a higher conversion rate.


An email management software enables marketers to conduct successful email marketing campaigns. Talisma has developed one of the best email management software for the benefit of Marketers and Customer Service Associates. With mind-blowing features like Customization, In-depth Reporting, Intelligent Routing, Automation, and Third-Party Application Integrations, Talisma Email Management Solutions are capable of transforming your email campaigns. Contact our team to sign up for a 100% Free Software Trial. 


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