5 powerful ways to boost Customer Communication via WhatsApp Business

“Communication is the key in a relationship”, this valuable quote has always been used for personal relationships but we must know that the quote stands true even for professional relationships. Yes, it is because at the end of the day, we are dealing with human beings and hence we have to strategize everything taking the same notion into account.

There are so many messaging apps available to the world but WhatsApp is one such messaging app that has been a staple in every smartphone. We all use WhatsApp for sending personal messages, doing voice and video calling, and so on. In fact, WhatsApp has become so indispensable that there isn’t a single day on earth that goes without using this application. Due to the growing popularity of WhatsApp, the company has even launched a separate WhatsApp Business App to facilitate business conversations so that your personal and business life stay separate from each other. Do you know what’s the secret sauce of WhatsApp? Well, it can be consolidated with Customer Service CRM, software offered by Talisma to foster improved customer support.

Why call WhatsApp for business a boon?


WhatsApp is used by endless users belonging to different industries on a regular basis to connect with various clients/customers across the country/countries. With the aid of WhatsApp Business, you can make your business reach heights. Here’s why WhatsApp is a boon for your business.

Encoded Data

Encoded Data

Just like the normal WhatsApp Messaging App, WhatsApp Business follows strict end-to-end encryption so that the messages are only visible to you and your customers and no other party in between.

Excellent Customer Support Tool

Excellent Customer support

WhatsApp Business makes for a superb 24*7 Customer Support Tool. Through the aid of WhatsApp, you can ensure that your customers or clients are served on time and their queries are resolved as earlier as possible. The app comes with valuable features, like automated greeting and away messages, quick replies, message statistics, and even WhatsApp payments. Also, you can integrate WhatsApp Business with customer service CRM so that you can meet your customers’ demands in an efficient fashion.

Absolute Personalization


WhatsApp Business App allows you maximum personalization. On the app, you get the ability to make your business profile and catalogues so that your customers are well-acquainted with your business. Since WhatsApp is often associated with personal messaging, your customers are more able to connect with you open-heartedly which is in turn good for your business.

Convenient UI


WhatsApp Business is the most uncomplicated app you will ever use. Everyone is familiar with the personal WhatsApp messaging app so everyone can access WhatsApp be it you or your customers.

Wider user base


WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users in the world and the number is increasing while we are

stating this; so now you can take your business even globally!

Omnichannel Customer Engagement


WhatsApp allows omnichannel customer engagement as it can be interlinked with CRM software so that your buyers get a seamless shopping experience with your business.

Augment Customer Communication via WhatsApp Business


If you want your customers to stay in touch with your business forever then you need to work on your customer communication strategy. Well, speaking of customer communication strategy, WhatsApp can be your best bet to improve the same.

Let’s consider the following 5 powerful ways to boost Customer Communication via WhatsApp Business.

Employ Customer Service CRM


Since WhatsApp Business comes with an option to integrate with CRM software, you should take advantage of it as CRM makes customer support as easy as pie by providing omnichannel customer engagement to heighten CX and other useful features – lead nurturing, order tracking, keyword-based action, follow-ups, and so on.

Make use of all the app’s features


WhatsApp Business comes with fantastic features, like automated responses and labelling which can make customer communication worthwhile. So, use all the features offered by this wonderful app.

Create applicable content solutions


Product relevant content solutions that can resolve your customers’ queries as you will get many queries during business so ready-made content solutions can solve simple issues without needing much attention.

Avoid spamming


Only ask for required information from your customers and never try to spam them with unwanted texts and emails.

Be responsive


Do not take a decade to reply to your customers as late responses are huge turn-offs and can even make you lose customers. Use automated responses so that the customers stay in touch and then follow the conversation with your own responses accordingly.

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