5 remarkable advantages of Omnichannel Retail Customer Engagement

With the onset of digitization, the way we used to shop has changed drastically. Consumers now prefer shifting to e-commerce stores than physical outlets. Nowadays, customers demand to be connected with the brands via multiple channels and expect the same experience across all the platforms. According to Research Live’s analysis, almost 90% of retail leaders agree a seamless omnichannel strategy is critical to business success. Omnichannel Customer Engagement has become an important aspect of retail businesses because customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel than a single channel. Why so? It is because customers too are human beings and as humans, we do not like to repeat ourselves again and again. In today’s blog segment, Talisma Corporation is about to reveal 5 remarkable advantages of Omnichannel Retail Customer Engagement. If you want to gain more insights into the subject, continue reading further.


Higher Customer Retention


93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that deliver excellent customer service. Nope, we are not saying this! This data has been revealed by a reliable source – HubSpot Research. Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms allow seamless interaction across all channels and devices so that customers keep coming back to you for additional services. 



Increased Revenues


Omnichannel Solutions enable higher sales by giving potential customers multiple forms of convenient communication with the brands. With the aid of an omnichannel approach, businesses are able to get more upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 


Greater Brand Loyalty


Customers trust brands that are more open to converse with them. Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms give you extra visibility so that you can cater to your consumer base effectively. 


More New CustomersMore-New-Customers-inner

Not all your customers are in one place; some of them might be on Facebook while the rest of them prefer Instagram or LinkedIn. Nonetheless, an omnichannel strategy erases all such barriers and gives your business more recognition and a wider customer base. 


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Consumers desire round-the-clock service irrespective of any channel. Omnichannel Customer Engagement ensures that the queries of multiple customers are met accurately and on the dot so that customers do not get a chance to leave a bad review. 


Google’s report suggests that omnichannel customers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. Take 360° advantage of Omnichannel Retail Customer Engagement by opting for Talisma Corporation’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement Solutions to enable 3X business development. For more details, connect with our Team today.

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