5 Tips for Choosing the Best Email Management System

Email is not only widely used but also highly efficient, with over 60% of customers claiming that email marketing determines their purchasing decisions. You will also need the right email management tools to handle all email-related tasks.

This article includes  tips for choosing the best business email management system that is best aligned with your marketing objectives. 

Flexibility and mobile-friendly



Every day, 43% of users worldwide check their emails on their smartphones. It is more evident than ever before that communication is largely shifting towards mobile platforms.

In today’s world, fewer people open their emails from a desktop computer, so choosing an email marketing tool with flexibility and mobile-friendly templates is critical. If someone opens an email on their phone and it does not display correctly, it will automatically bounce, rendering an email marketing effort unproductive. 

Hence, the first thing to ask before choosing the best email management system for a business is, “How does this make our emails look on mobile?” The success of modern email marketing tools is largely decided by how mobile-friendly the tools are. 

CRM integration



Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is your primary tool while you work on digital marketing. Manually updating lists and sending emails takes time, so using an email marketing platform that integrates with your CRM will give you a hassle-free solution for managing valuable content and consumer data, as well as an analysis of key metrics (open rates, click-through rates) to see which campaigns are performing the best. 

When a good email management system perfectly integrates with CRM, not only does it become easier to monitor email marketing performances, but it also simplifies the marketing mix as a whole. 

Response handling



Regardless of whether a company is small, medium, or large, email response management is critical. If you work for a small company that sends out a monthly newsletter or email series to about 1,000 people, you’ll need less complexity in terms of automation and response handling, and you’ll be able to do some of the work manually. 

However, if you’re dealing with a large number of emails, email marketing software that allows you to send automated responses or compile customer responses into tickets would be useful. Identifying and evaluating the required scale of response handling is crucial before choosing the right email management system. 

Performance tracking



Words don’t speak as convincingly as numbers. How does a company know for sure that with proper response handling, mobile-friendliness, and CRM integration, their new email management system has worked wonders in their recent marketing campaign? Insightful performance tracking not only allows for deeper analysis and evaluation, but also aids in identifying areas of improvements. 

Before choosing the right email management system, check for features that provide feedback from an email campaign. One way to do this is to identify some common KPIs and seeing if the performance tracking features of the email management system are aligned with those KPIs. 

Getting the team involved



Your team members are the right people to help you choose an email management system. Every day, they’re the ones behind the wheel, moving support forward with a strong customer service email management plan. It’s a poor practice to leave them out.

Your team members will be much less likely to go all-in on change if you choose a system that does not agree with the consumers or their pain points, and your ROI will be much lower because there is no guarantee that it is the right option for everyone.

Consider the selection process as a chance for at least one full-time support professional and one manager to take on a leadership role. This small group will play an important role in shaping the team’s strategy in the future; make sure they’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a difference.

Considering all these factors, finding the right email management system could be easier said than done. Thankfully, Talisma’s email management system incorporates each of the features that make for a perfect email marketing tool and offers streamlined email solutions at your fingertips. With Talisma’s Email Management System, businesses get access to: 

  • In-depth reporting
  • Intelligent routing
  • Advanced automation
  • Enhanced personalization
  • Multilingual communication options
  • Seamless integration, and much more 

Join Talisma’s elite clientele and witness unmatched ROI on your marketing efforts. Visit Talisma to learn more. 


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