6 Automation Features of CRM Software that set the tone of your Business

Automation is the key to deriving utmost productivity and operational efficiency. As per 78% of business leaders, automating tasks in an organization increases workforce productivity. According to World Economic Forum’s report, over 80% of business heads report advancing and speeding up work process automation and extending their application of remote work. 

Here are some key points that prove how workforce automation is leading the way to organizational development.

  • 42% of business leaders believe that workflow automation speeds up the completion of mundane or repetitive tasks.
  • 85% of business leaders are of the notion that automating workload gives their employees more time to focus on important business goals.
  • 57% of IT leaders have noticed a decrease of 10-50% in costs after introducing automation technology to their workforce.
  • More than half of all organizations agree that business process automation (BPA) reduces human error in the workflow.
  • According to 97% of IT decision-makers, process automation is a significant part of digital transformation.


When it comes to automating crucial tasks of an organization, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has to be mentioned. In today’s blog, Talisma Corporation will enlighten you about 6 Automation Features of CRM Software that can set the right tone for your business’s all-round development. So, to gather more information, continue reading below.

Sales Force Automation


Sales-oriented activities are difficult to manage with mere manual intervention. Sales Force Automation helps in organizing all sales-related data into one centralized platform so that they can be accessed by the Sales Team 24/7 for converting leads into customers.

Data Entry Automation


Ask any Data Entry Operator and they will tell you how emotionally and physically exhausting a task data entry is without any automation support. Data Entry Automation feature in CRMs aid in fostering accurate data entry sans duplicity owing to AI.

Marketing Automation


After Sales, if there’s one business activity that can be called challenging would be none other than Marketing. Marketers have to go around many platforms to execute their marketing campaigns efficiently. Marketing Automation allows marketing professionals to run personalized campaigns by keeping an eye on the data generated from the users over various channels.

Opportunity Management


We all know that opportunity seldom knocks twice. That’s why you must be proactive about the leads you are getting and nurture the cold ones because you never know when a cold lead can convert into SQL. Opportunity Management automatically tracks leads from various sources and further classifies them into hot and cold ones to maintain the consistency of your sales funnel.

Customer Service Automation


The main aspect of CRM is to help businesses build a stable relationship with their clients or customers. With the changing times, the temperament of your esteemed customers has also evolved – 74% of consumers expect a chatbot to provide 24/7 website assistance. As per 37% of top IT leaders, Customer Service departments encounter higher ROI from automation than any other department. With AI-powered messenger bots and self-service FAQs, CSRs are serving the customers better than before.

Real-time Analytics


When you have precise data from real sources, you can figure out your next move without any delay. Most CRMs can automatically generate 100% accurate reports based on the given data to improve the decision-making abilities of executives.

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