6 features that guarantee the success of prospect management

Prospect management is the first and one of the most important stages of the digital customer journey. Effective prospect management ensures that maximum leads reach the end of the sales funnel. Ideally, a good prospect management system should build awareness about your brand, find prospects who fit into your audience persona, reach out to them with interesting content and ensure that they reach the point of sale. Here are 6 features that should essentially be a part of a good prospect management system to ensure success:

Integrated Campaign Management

Prospect management must include integrated campaign management to ensure a superior experience across the digital customer journey. Integrated campaign management allows cross-channel management of all your marketing campaigns. This ensures that the message being communicated to the target audience is consistent across all channels. As a result, your prospects across the digital customer journey receive an omnichannel customer experience. Integrated campaign management is an important feature of prospect management as it guarantees that all your marketing campaigns deliver superior results, convert maximum prospects into paying customers and effectively track the success of all campaigns in one place.

 Profiling & Segmentation

Profiling and segmentation are important components of prospect management. As marketers, it is essential to ensure that the content being communicated to the customers at different stages of the digital customer journey is relevant and interesting to them. The easiest way to make your prospects go cold is to offer them irrelevant content. This is where profiling and segmentation come in. Profiling refers to the strategy of analysing your target audience and creating individual personas of them. Segmentation refers to segregating your customers into homogeneous clusters. Based on these segments, content can be customized to provide maximum benefits. As a feature of prospect management, profiling and segmentation ensures that your prospects get a superior customer experience at every stage of the digital customer journey.

Social Media Management

The best way to manage your prospects is to communicate with them where they are most active – on social media. Social media management refers to methods and tools that can help you manage all your interactions and content across social media channels. With the help of social media management, you can effectively use social media to send across the right message at different stages of the digital customer journey. This helps your prospect management activities by leveraging your social media activities to achieve superior results. With social media management as a part of prospect management, you can effectively monitor your social media interactions with your prospects and ensure that they receive a consistent customer experience throughout the digital customer journey.

Launch Management & Analytics

Another important feature of prospect management is launch management and analytics. Launch management ensures the success of all your new launches. While launching a new product/service/campaign, several factors must be kept in mind, such as, ensuring that the launch reaches the correct audience segments, the message is personalized to be most effective, maximum results are being generated and more. Launch management and analytics effectively performs all these functions. Needless to say, a properly implemented launch helps in moving prospects towards the point of sale.

 Lead & Contact Management

Lead and contact management is one of the most important features of prospect management. Lead and contact management refers to strategies and methodologies that help in generating, tracking and managing prospects in your pipeline. An organized way of handling contacts automatically translates to more closures. As a part of prospect management, these strategies can help you manage your prospects from the time they enter your sales funnel till the time they reach the point of sale. By having all information related to your customers in one place, you can customize your offerings based on their requirements. By providing personalized and relevant content and services at every stage of the digital customer journey, you can build long-term relationships with your prospects.

Testing & Cost Optimization

While implementing any marketing activity, the focus should be on optimizing time and costs. This is where testing and cost optimization comes in. With this feature, campaigns can be tested within a short time and without compromising on accuracy. In addition, this feature of prospect management also ensures that your costs are optimized to reflect nil wastage. As a result of this feature, more focus can be given towards providing prospects with a superior experience at lower costs across the digital customer journey.

Effective prospect management is essential as it ensures that more and more prospects are converted into actual sales. The above features help customers get great experience at different stages of the digital customer journey, thereby motivating them to complete the sale.
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