6 Ways to make Digital Transformation “Real” for your Brand

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic became lifelong learning for the brands to embrace digitalization if they want to stay relevant in the market today and tomorrow. As per MIT’s report, companies that have adopted digitalization are 23% more bankable than non-digital players. Talisma Corporation assists brands to embark on their digital transformation journeys smoothly and successfully. In today’s blog, we will talk about 6 ways through which you can make digital transformation a real deal for your business. Continue reading below to look at the pointers with brief and detailed explanations. 


Reimagine your business goals 


Digitalization is always 360° which means you have to completely redefine your business model to find out the right digital transformational framework. As per Statista’s detailed report, 84% of global business organizations believe that AI will give them a competitive advantage. This clearly showcases that in order to become “digitally smart”, enterprises have to ditch their old ways of running a business and be more open to innovation and the latest technology.  


Analyze the problem areas


The reason you require a digital transformation solution is to get rid of existing challenges responsible for stopping your business from reaching its full potential. Evaluate areas that can benefit highly from digital solutions before moving forward to the below points. 


Embrace Automation


The infamous report by Forbes reveals AI implementation in consumer packaged goods has led to a 20% reduction in forecast errors. Automation is a significant part of any digital journey. Today’s business world can hardly be imagined without AI automation as it reduces time, labor, and money while being excellently accurate in delivering premium results.


Select the right DT vendor



Your digital transformation strategy is difficult to be internalized without an apt DT (Digital Transformation) vendor. When it comes to conceptualizing right-fit digital revolution solutions, Talisma Corporation has earned a good name owing to its highly capable team that makes digital metamorphosis convenient and agile for clients belonging to different spheres. 


Pick the right platforms 


A digital ecosystem needs digitalized platforms. ZD Net says that 45% of businesses in the world are running at least one of their Big Data workloads in the Cloud. Cloud Technology has made businesses more advanced and secure. Thus, you have to make the right choice while investing in the right platforms for getting more value for money. 


Capitalize on Data


According to a recent study, the value of the global data monetization market will predictably reach $3,70,969 million by 2023. Additionally, CIO has pointed out in its report that 80-90% of the data generated today is unstructured. On the other hand, Forbes’ survey has disclosed the fact that 95% of businesses are in desperate need of data management. Such facts show us how important ‘data’ is for a business and how often brands fail to capitalize on data by becoming a victim of outdated mechanisms. Hence, consider data management and modernization for 10x digital efficiency.  


Let Talisma Corporation lead you towards your digital transformation journey. Connect with our executives to get insightful, robust, customized, and failproof digital transformation strategies for achieving colossal organizational success. 

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