8 non-negotiable features of Email Management Software

Emails make everything seem professional and up-to-date. Whether it is customer support or client acquisition, there is no escaping from sending or receiving emails. Since an organization has to deal with a lot of emails on a day-to-day basis, email management software is effectively used to supervise campaigns and execute customer service CRM /support. Through an email management system, you can track your leads, improve customer support, reduce the cost of compliance, and increase productivity.

If you are planning to invest in email management software, you must ensure that it contains these non-negotiable features as mentioned below.



Customization is the key to determine the effectiveness of an email management solution. Not all businesses or establishments function the same way and hence software companies, like Talisma Corporation, offer tailor-made customer email management software as per the respective enterprise’s requirements.

Workflow Management


A good email management system removes the barriers that hinder the employees from performing to their best abilities. The feature of automated workflows ensures that every task is done diligently without much inquiry among executives. When things are done properly and promptly by your employees, your clients or customers eventually experience better service from your in-house team. Hence, you must ask the software consultant about this specific feature before signing up for an email management solution.

Saved Responses


Saved responses are a life savior for customer service associates. This is quite understandable as they have to reply to a lot of people and nobody can expect them to write each response manually, especially in this fast-paced world where consumers expect everything within seconds or minutes. If your email management system has the option for saved responses then pat yourself on the back for gifting your organization something fruitful, if that’s not the case then approach Talisma Corporation for getting the best email management software for enterprises.

Integration Support


This is by far the most important non-negotiable feature of an email management system. Third-party integration support makes you manage other attributes of customer support in an adept manner. Generally, almost all email management solutions can be combined with other software tools, like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), in order to serve better customer engagement with the aid of an omnichannel approach.

Collision Alerts


Trust us, you need this feature without realizing it. While using a group email address to communicate with the customers, the most common phenomenon is giving customers the same replies multiple times. This creates a sense of miscommunication between the brand and the customers. Customers do not entertain getting contradictory or wrong responses from the brand they trust in. So, look for an email management solution that offers collision alerts to prevent sending identical replies to your customers.



Of course, you need to look for this feature, especially if you are a part of a business, like IT, banking, insurance, and so on. The clients trust your corporation with their confidential data and hence you must ensure to keep the same safe and secure by opting for software solutions that provide top-grade security. Talisma Email exactly does that by keeping your sensitive data within safe zones.

Spam Elimination


When you get a lot of emails on a daily basis, it becomes a little complicated to browse through each and every email to check for its authenticity or usefulness. When all mails are jumbled up into one mailbox, it becomes a headache to filter out the essential ones. That’s why you must make sure to use an email management solution with an in-built spam detector to fish out the necessary emails from the cornucopia of non-essential ones.

Easy Operation

easy operation

easy opearation

This is the feature often kept at the backseat, but we highly recommend you determine the UI (User Interface) of the email management system you are considering to purchase as you want all your team members to operate the software with ease.

You will be glad to know that Talisma Email is one of the best email management software for enterprises as it possesses all the above 8 non-negotiable features with pride. Get a free demonstration of Talisma Email by getting in touch with our Team.

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