Partner With Talisma and Help Your Customers Become Best-run Businesses With a Diverse Set of Solutions.

The structured program of alliance selection and management gives Talisma’s customers a powerful combination of unmatched support of business requirements and global expertise.The Talisma Partnership Framework defines Talisma’s various partner relationship models and offers a framework for combining Talisma’s products and services with that of the partners.Our partnership models:

Business Partners

The Business Partners provide local expertise and solutions in specific markets, extending and complementing Talisma’s global reach with service and functional excellence. Covering various geographies, Business Partners enable the wide distribution of Talisma’s offerings and associated services.

Complementary Solution Partners

Providing complementary solutions for specific functional and technology functions, Complimentary Solution Partners augment and enhance Talisma’s capabilities and vice-versa. Offering end to end solutions using combined partner and Talisma components in one seamless offering, Complementary Solution Partners enhance the value proposition to existing and prospective customers.

Global Technology Partners

Providing key technological infrastructure and components, Global Technology Partners leverage their proven technological superiority to assist Talisma in mutually developing and supporting a strong solution set.

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