“We have Always Focused Heavily on Growing our Market Leadership in the Enterprise CRM”: Talisma

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Talisma Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boca Raton- based Campus Management Corp. It provides digital customer engagement platform for a wide range of industries.

Talisma offers comprehensive solutions primed towards acquisition, servicing, and retention of customers. It supports a wide range of digital channels (such as email, chat), social channels ( Facebook, Twitter, etc) and all leading Instant Messaging Channels. In addition, it also supports traditional channels such as Phone, SMS, and Letter.

Raj Mruthyunjayappa is the Managing Director of Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd. He manages operations for Campus Management across its Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa divisions. He successfully spearheaded Talisma’s foray into SaaS and cloud computing along with emerging frontiers such as social media marketing and enterprise mobility. He also launched the Citizen Relationship Management software solutions for public sector organizations.

Excerpts from an exclusive interaction with Dataquest:

What are some of the customer experience metrics you have been able to deliver on?

Let me first give you the business context for one of our customers. A leading private bank wanted to streamline business operations and processes to gain an integrated view of operations across business groups. This particular bank has expanded exponentially with a massive network across the country. Due to this expansion, it needed to revisit its communication strategy to ensure continued growth and success. It also needed to create new revenue streams, increase wallet share of existing customers, and continue to differentiate itself in the market place with very personalized customer service.

To tackle these objectives, this bank went in for Talisma’s customer-facing experiential banking solution. It also adopted an internal collaboration tool within the organization. The metrics of performance for Talisma’s solution include

  • an increase of 60% in customer satisfaction levels,
  • 70% increase in first-time resolutions with a
  • 50% increase in upsell and cross-sell opportunities from its existing customers.

So, you focus on industries such as banking where customer contact is multi-channel and customer experience is largely based on issue resolution.  What about high-touch industries where customer experience band is wider, where the whole product or service matters more?

Talisma serves many verticals beyond banking and financial services. Take, for example, the hospitality segment. One of the largest luxury hotel chains in India was looking for a solution to empower its Guest Contact Centre team. It wanted to manage hotel reservations related queries, requests, and issues raised by its fast-growing guest base.

With Talisma’s DCEP, there has been a 43% increase in guest satisfaction with an operational cost reduction of 24%. It also helped collaboration across teams with ease of information sharing, enhanced monitoring and tracking, all of which are also available to the management. The hotel chain is thus able to live up to its reputation as a premier guest service provider and able to add and retain more guests.

How has Talisma’s run been in the Indian market?

As the pioneers of CRM software in India, our prime focus was to grow our market leadership in the enterprise CRM and digital customer experience space. This focus has resulted in a significant effort and investment in product innovation and service delivery areas. Our goal is to provide the latest and best-in-class products to customers in both domestic and international markets.

Talisma has witnessed consistent growth in India and outside, both directly as well as through our partner network. Some of our key wins in the last year include – Indian Oil, Samsung, Bajaj Allianz, Idea Telecom and Tata Motors.

How do you differentiate yourselves from similar companies such as Aspect, Genesys, CRMNext and larger companies like Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, SAP? What is the market landscape for the market Talisma is in?

Along with great products, Talisma has been providing its expertise in implementing enterprise-wide CRM projects across the globe for the last 18 years.

We take full ownership of the solution from implementation to support, whether sold directly or through channels. Talisma leverages its experience to apply proven strategies and best practices that ensure the solution’s success.

Talisma supports a wide range of digital channels (such as email, chat), social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and all leading Instant Messaging Channels. Our built-in Robotic Process Automation helps customers take their engagements to fulfillments whilst delivering a superior customer experience. Our solution enables our customers to be agile. It allows them to plug in and modify their requirements as and when required.

What are some the future directions for innovation/ research at Talisma?

Our focus is to enhance the platform’s ability to help future-ready organizations address their customer experience challenges. We want to equip them for continued success.

Robotics, both as an agent in process automation as well as in conversations (Bots) dominate our tech investments. Significant work is being done to augment the Omni-channel offering with bots. This will be critical in improving the way our clients engage with their end customers thereby delivering immense value to both.

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