Transitioning From CRM to CEM: A Road Map

Executive Summary Somewhere out there your customer is right now realizing an experience with your brand. This realization will turn into an opinion soon enough and if you have done your homework, you will be able to lock in [...]

Transitioning From CRM to CEM: A Road Map2019-11-11T06:42:23-05:00

Customer Service

Introduction By nature, customers are not loyal and when you factor in complexities attached with a ‘buy’ decision, the magnitude of the challenge that is customer retention becomes clearer. The only way to promote customer affinity that can lead [...]

Customer Service2018-03-28T13:29:08-05:00

Rise of the new age customer

Introduction “Financial services customers are fed up” reads a Forbes headline – a telling commentary on the state of affairs in an industry that touches the lives of almost 2/3rds of humanity. To make matters worse, a new age [...]

Rise of the new age customer2018-11-15T10:56:29-05:00