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Business sustainability is the need of the hour. An unstable economy can be difficult for any company. Especially during the current unprecedented times, companies are unable to cope with the changing circumstances. The exit-rate of customers is at an all-time high. Sales agents are observing low sales closures due to lack of opportunities to meet the customer face to face. Business continuity is essential, seamless customer experience is the simplest way to ensure that your customers stay with you. While there are multiple ways to enhance the experience that you are offering to your customers, co-browsing is the latest and most effective.

What is co-browsing? Co-browsing is a solution that allows customers and agents to view, browse, and navigate the same web page simultaneously. The major USP of a co-browsing solution is that it allows live engagement without direct contact. A video+co-browse solution is a unique device which is especially useful during the current times of social distancing. This product can be used by sales agents and customer service agents to virtually assist customers, in real-time, as they are viewing your products or making a purchase on your website. 

Why is video+co-browse important?

A video and co-browsing product can be helpful in several situations:


Customers often face confusion regarding product features and whether they should complete the purchase or not. With co-browsing, agents can understand the customer’s unique requirements, guide them with the product or service, and prompt them into purchasing.


All your customers will not be very tech-savvy. Filling online forms, making payments, etc can be difficult for them. With a co-browse program, agents can guide the customer with all the necessary details, in real-time.


Co-browse ensures accessibility for all. Some of your customers might have visual issues. This would create a challenge in understanding and navigating your website on their own. A video and co-browsing solution can help your agents to guide and hand-hold them throughout the customer journey.


Technical glitches can be a bane for your business. If your website is facing technical issues or downtime, your customers might exit and opt for your competitor. With co-browsing, an agent can talk to your customers and help them even if the website isn’t working properly.

Advantages of co-browsing

Some of the benefits of a co-browsing solution include:

Remote Customer Support

Remote Customer Support

One of the primary advantages of a co-browsing solution is that it allows your agents to support your customers virtually. Your potential customers might be staying in remote locations and it might not be possible for them to visit your store. However, your customer service should remain consistent. With co-browse, your agents can provide impeccable customer support, irrespective of the physical location of the customer. Remote co-browsing is especially essential now when it is difficult for agents and customers to meet face-to-face. Co-browsing solutions that come with video and chat features enable life-like customer support and experience in a virtual world. 

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customers remain loyal to the brand where they receive the best service and experience. A key element of customer loyalty is the resolution time. Customers expect you to understand and resolve their queries and complaints within the minimum time possible. This is where co-browsing and video come in. Unlike a generic telephonic conversation, video+co-browse allows agents to view what exactly the customer is doing. This helps in getting an enhanced understanding of the customer’s problem. As a result, the agent is better suited to resolve the problem, within a short duration. By reducing the resolution time, brands can cement customer loyalty even during difficult times of recession.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

With rising data and financial breaches, customers are becoming more aware of data protection laws and protocols. A crucial thing about co-browsing is that customers can choose to hide any part of their screen from the agent. This guarantees that confidential information like card details are only visible to the concerned party. At the same time, with co-browsing, agents can assist the customer in making payments, etc, without having to directly even look at the mode of payment. Customers can be worry-free that their private details will be completely protected.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

The objective of every company is to improve customer engagement. With social distancing and lockdown protocols everywhere, engaging with customers is proving to be difficult for marketers. A co-browse software enables maximum customer engagement even from a distance. Co-browsing solutions come with features like video and live chat. This allows customers and agents to interact and engage with each other in a way that is reminiscent of physical interactions. Customers can view the agent over the video, use co-browse to share screens, talk to agents over call and chat with them. This boosts customer engagement and helps in providing a superior omnichannel customer experience.

Low Abandonment

Low Abandonment

If you own an eCommerce website or sell your products/services via your website, cart abandonment would be a common issue that you face. Some common reasons for cart abandonment include the difficulty in completing payment and confusion on the part of the customer regarding the product. With a video+co-browse solution, agents can be there for the customer at every step of the customer journey. This includes helping them understand the products on your website, assisting them in selecting the best one for them, and hand-holding them throughout the payment process. This, in turn, lowers the cart abandonment rate.

Co-browsing is a new-gen technology that is going to transform marketing, sales, and customer service. With the new normal of social distancing, corporates need to herald a business transformation that leverages technology to provide an improved customer experience virtually. Co-browsing can help sales and customer service agents to deliver an exceptional service irrespective of geographical location. 

Talisma’s video+co-browse solution has been designed to enable your sales agents to virtually engage with customers via video, audio, and chat and boost sales closures. Contact us to know more.


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