Computer Telephony Integration Software – Why Customer Service Centres demand one?

Customer Service Centres or popularly known as Call Centres face innumerable challenges to deliver higher CX to their customers that too in the least amount of time. As per HubSpot’s Research, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as an important parameter for high-grade Customer Service or Customer Experience. For 60% of customers, an “immediate” response or reply is the one that pops up in 10 minutes or less. With so much pressure at the forefront, errors and omissions are most likely to take place in the team. That’s why Contact Centers or Customer Service Centres must require a robust system – Computer Telephony Integration Software to enable smooth Customer interactions. In today’s blog, Talisma Corporation would like to touch upon the significance of Computer Telephony Integration Software in the Customer Service sector. If you wish to gather more information on the subject, continue reading below.

Computer Telephony Integration Software – What is it all about?

Computer Telephony Integration Software Solutions work by connecting computers with phones so that businesses can carry out call-related activities via desktops, laptops, and even mobiles. With a single interface, CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) are able to manage the grievances of multiple clients in an efficient fashion. How CTI does all of it? Simply via Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) that enables users to make voice calls via a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone system.

The usage of Computer Telephony Integration Software is crucial for taking Customer Service to a notch higher. As per Forbes’s analysis, businesses that focus on improving customer experience observed a growth of 80% in their revenues. If over-the-top CX (Custom Experience) is an integral part of your business plan, consider Computer Telephony Integration Software to be an utmost addition.

Top 5 ways Computer Telephony Integration Systems support Customer Service Businesses

Easier Scalability


Contact Center CTIs have the advantage of being scalable to fit the needs of different organizations. No matter whether it’s 100 or 1000 calls a day, Computer Telephony Integration Software is able to perform to its best potential in both cases.

Higher Team Productivity


Team Productivity is like gasoline for Customer Service Businesses to foster a higher Customer Experience. CTI systems support seamless team collaboration and communication for internal assistance so that customers are satisfied at all times without any delay.

Decreased Costs


You will never have to pay top dollar for Installation and Maintenance of Computer Telephony Integration Software. Most CTI solutions are subscription-based so that you can opt-in and opt-out as and when required.

Convenient Remote Access


Since employees have become more accustomed to working from remote locations than on-premise, businesses are in huge favor of investing in technologies that support their hybrid workspaces. CTI systems can be conveniently accessed from any location in seconds.

Improved Customer Experience


Forrester’s report points that for 76% of executives, improving CX or UX (User Experience) is a high or critical priority. Computer Telephony Integration Software is in-built with tools to support flawless customer interactions to build customer loyalty in the long run.

Heighten the level of Customer Service as well as Customer Experience via Talisma Contact Center CTI to see your organization encounter nothing but the best business days. Here are some worth-mentioning features of Talisma Computer Telephony Integration Software for your perusal.

  • Customizability/Scalability
  • Call Center Analytics
  • Click-to-call
  • Skill-based Routing
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Automatic Callback

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