Computer Telephony Integration – An Introduction

CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration, is a technology that allows computers and telephony systems to work together seamlessly. It combines the power of computer systems with the capabilities of telecommunication, enabling businesses and organizations to improve their
communication processes and customer interactions. Computer Telephony Integration is commonly used in call centers, customer support, and various other applications where efficient and effective communication is essential. In this blog post, let us see how Talisma’s CTI leverages productivity in healthcare.

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Talisma CTI as a Game Changer

Talisma CTI offers a solution to enhance call handling and response times, resulting in improved agent productivity and increased customer satisfaction over the long term. By providing a range of advanced features and enhanced capabilities, Talisma CTI equips your service team to effectively handle a high volume of inbound and outbound phone interactions, ultimately delivering a superior customer experience.
Here’s how Talisma CTI integrates with your operations:

1. Leveraging Technical Aspects

Talisma CTI offers a powerful workflow engine that helps agents efficiently handle customer inquiries, saving time by avoiding repetitive information requests. It includes advanced features for improved agent productivity, supports both inbound and outbound calls, and optimizes customer interactions through segmentation and personalized service. This solution reduces operational costs by resolving customer issues quickly, leading to higher First-Call Resolution (FCR) and lower Average Handle Time (AHT).

2. Improvement in Agent Productivity

Improving agent productivity is made easier with integrated screen pops that offer complete customer data and dynamic call scripts containing past interactions. Support agents with user-friendly interfaces featuring tailored scripts and personalized content based on customer profiles, intelligently guiding the conversation and streamlining data entry for updated customer records.

3. Easy integration

The solution seamlessly integrates with external applications, offering a unified view on a single screen. It’s fully compatible with ActiveX components and web-enabled legacy systems. Talisma’s Computer Telephony Integration has successfully integrated its technology in collaboration with top telephony vendors such as Avaya, Aspect, Cisco, Drishti-Soft, and Genesys.

Computer Telephony Integration

Case Study: Empowering CHILDLINE India Foundation with Talisma

CHILDLINE India Foundation, operating in 409 cities/districts across 35 States/UTs in India, sought to streamline operations and improve collaboration and monitoring. They adopted the Talisma Digital Engagement Platform, currently used by 300+ concurrent users across six units in India, managing over one million calls monthly.

1. Robust and Scalable System

Talisma’s platform empowers Childline India Foundation by enhancing collaboration, monitoring, and tracking, offering a robust and scalable solution.

2. Enhanced Reporting:

Improved reporting capabilities provide senior management with better visibility, facilitating faster decision-making by focusing on key issues.

3. Efficient Monitoring and Tracking

Real-time insights enable better monitoring and tracking, improving operational efficiency.

4. Seamless Collaboration:

Enhanced collaboration among teams accelerates issue resolution, enhancing the overall experience for the Childline India Foundation.



Use Cases of Talisma Digital Engagement Platform

1. Call Documentation

The platform efficiently documents inbound and outbound calls on CHILDLINE’s centralized help desk number, integrated with a third-party telephony solution.

2. Intelligent Insights

Agents benefit from intelligent insights that identify caller details based on caller ID, improving call handling.

3. Multilingual Scripts

Dynamic scripts in multiple languages empower agents to engage effectively with callers.

4. Efficient Data Capture

Call notes, disposition codes, and case details are captured efficiently for analysis and reference.

5. Actionable Insights

The platform’s analytics monitor and analyze key performance indicators for informed decision-making.

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Talisma CTI empowers your business with advanced features and capabilities to streamline communication, improve customer service, and achieve cost-effective, scalable operations, ensuring customers receive the service they deserve.

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