Create Omnichannel Customer Journeys with Talisma like a pro!

People change with time, either for good or bad. Nowadays, customers have become more digital-savvy and so are the brands. Each of us is spending a good amount of time online and hence individuals dealing with marketing and sales have modified their strategies to accommodate the growing demands of the customers or clients.


Omnichannel Customer Engagement is one such strategy that has been gaining prevalence because of it being advantageous and trouble-free. In today’s blog, Talisma Corporation, one of the notable omnichannel customer engagement platform providers will tell you in and out about omnichannel support and how you can deliver the same to your valuable customers with zero difficulties. So, continue reading further to gain more knowledge. 


What is Omnichannel Support?

Omnichannel Support allows your customers or clients to engage with your brand through different channels, all of them being integrated or all being a part of a unified platform. This ensures mind-blowing customer service and support during times of increased customer expectations. 


Omnichannel Vs Multichannel – Which one to opt for?

Before we declare omnichannel to be the best customer engagement platform, let’s first know the difference between omnichannel and multichannel engagement platforms. As discussed in the section above, an omnichannel platform is a platform that has synchronized various customer interaction channels for avoiding confusion and fostering an effective customer experience. In layman’s terms, omnichannel is one such approach where all customer interaction mediums are connected so that users/consumers can connect with the brand through any platform as per their convenience. 


Now, coming to multichannel platforms, it is a little different than omnichannel as the engagement platforms in multichannel are not interconnected hence even though the customers can reach out to the brand via any channel they prefer, they would not get the same experience which might lead to miscommunication and inconsistent customer service and support because all the mediums are independent and different. Since brands are becoming more customer-centric these days, a majority of them have opted for omnichannel customer engagement platforms for a flawless customer experience. 


Omnichannel Approach for thriving businesses

There’s a reason why celebrated brands have happily chosen the omnichannel approach to enhance their brand’s reputation. A few examples of such renowned brands would be Amazon, Sephora, Disney, Starbucks, and the list is endless! So, here’s how Omnichannel Engagement Platforms can make your business shine. 


Real-Time Customer Interaction


With the aid of omnichannel engagement platforms, you can provide direct and immediate assistance to your clients/customers. Now, your customers do not have to wait for n number of days for resolving a simple query because of the omnichannel customer experience! 

Phenomenal Customer Experience

Since your customer base no longer has to wait like before and can communicate with your organization via any platform, they get phenomenal customer service and support from your end, all thanks to your brand that opted for an omnichannel approach. 


Enhanced Customer Retention 


Customers are retained when they are served better. With an omnichannel system, you also get a chance to sell/upsell (ethical)/cross-sell/ downsell in an efficient manner. This way you not only repeat customers but also improve the sales figures of your brand. 


Upgraded Brand Image 


Your brand’s image eventually improves when the number of happy customers gets increased. Omnichannel support removes all communication barriers and allows your customers to stay in touch with your venture for a longer period. 


Creation of Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platforms with Talisma 


Talisma has been providing omnichannel customer engagement platforms to a wide range of organizations for years. Here are our exclusive omnichannel offerings. 


Talisma Email

An effective system that helps you simplify your email campaigns like a pro! Talisma Email makes sending bulk emails a piece of cake. 


Talisma Chat 

Talk to your tech-savvy customers via Talisma Chat. We provide proactive, reactive, as well as virtual chat models to our esteemed clients. 


Talisma Text Messaging

Talisma Text Messaging makes SMS communications convenient for both marketing agents and clients. Your SMS campaigns can now be better managed with Talisma Text Messaging. 


Talisma Co-Browse

Co-browsing renders efficient customer support so we offer Talisma Co-Browse for smooth customer engagement.  


Talisma Phone

Nothing can beat phone conversations as most clients/customers do not wish to type drastically during urgent queries. That’s why you must opt for Talisma Phone to engage with your customers in the most significant way. 


Talisma Mobile 

In the world of smartphones, Talisma Mobile sells like hotcakes. With geotagging facilities and mobility, Talisma Mobile delivers omnichannel support without fail. 


Talisma Knowledgebase

With Talisma Knowledgebase, you can manage bulk inquiries with the help of organized content. Through Talisma Knowledgebase, your users receive crucial information at the right time. 


Talisma Social Media

Social Media Toolkit by Talisma helps in leveraging client relationships, accentuating brand image, and offering top-notch customer service and support 


Talisma Self-Service Portal 

Sometimes, self-help is the best help. With Talisma’s personalized Self-Service Portal, your users/consumers get the right data and resources to resolve their queries on time without any help from third parties. 


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait and opt-in for omnichannel customer engagement platforms to attract more clients/consumers to your business! Communicate with Talisma’s diligent team to say “yay” to enriching omnichannel customer journeys. 




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