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How do you tie in a digital customer experience strategy with engagement channels?


How do you maximize returns (degree of engagement and revenue) through a Digital Customer Engagement Platform?

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Digital Platform – The Way Ahead

Today, your business is interacting with and servicing customers on many digital channels. But what matters is the depth and width of services rendered with consistency and the speed of response.


Digital natives who are either a big chunk of your customer base already or will be soon, expect quick response with adequate contextual relevance for any interaction initiated on any channel. 


So your business needs to approach every channel with the right mix of tools and strategies to ensure that every conversation contributes to the bottom-line.

A Unified Approach to Digital Engagement

The idea behind using a digital platform is that every channel you own offers engagement consistency and seamless customer service.


So, whether your customers receive an email, look at your social account(s), or walk into your retail store and share their details, they will be able to know that they are communicating with your brand.


To be seen as a trustworthy brand, your business needs to invest in designs around digital user experience, visual appeal and organisational hierarchy.


Barriers such as siloed approach to channels, inadequate employee training or wrong communication tools can hinder or slow down this approach.

How Customer Engagement Platform Works?

Talisma Customer Engagement Platform

Talisma Digital Platform binds both technology and best practices into a powerful mix that not just delivers high business value but also ensures satisfied long-term customers through continuous engagement.


Businesses can track and engage customers across communication channels with accuracy, measuring engagement effectiveness and collecting and acting on real-time feedback.


Talisma digital engagement platform is modular in nature to support your growth – across channels, interactions and diversity of conversations.


The Talisma Digital engagement framework offers you a 3 pronged advantage.

Level one: Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Communication silos get dissolved as the solution serves as a unified platform for removing all barriers to smooth and efficient communication within and outside the enterprise.


This makes it easier to track customers across channels and meet their service expectations.


Talisma offers an integrated platform for a true Omni-channel experience across multiple channels that include Email, Telephone, Self-Service, Chat and Co-Browse, and Social and Mobility.

Level two: Business Process

Backend business processes translate into front-end customer service ease.


With a digital platform, you get the flexibility to define and redefine back-end processes on the fly as per your customer’s needs or preferences.


This means more scope for process innovation, improving staff efficiency and service desk agility.

Level three: Analytics and predictive dashboards

Talisma customer engagement platform offers unmatched insights at various levels. 


These insights can be leveraged to improve offerings and services to roll out newer products and services to stay in tune with customer expectations.


Your business gains the ability to engage proactively with the customer while lowering customer attrition and improving advocacy.


Deeper insights also translates into better profitability as you are able to attract and retain more customers.

Different Modules of Digital Customer Engagement Platform


talisma email

Talisma Email is a robust and scalable solution that helps organizations to simplify and streamline the management of high volumes of emails and timely, accurate responses to customer email enquiries.


With its intuitive user interface and powerful productivity tools, Talisma Email enables organizations to provide an exceptional customer experience with every interaction.

  • In-depth Reporting – Track and analyze the number of emails handled, customer data accessed, response times, satisfaction levels, and other helpful statistics.
  • Intelligent Routing – Ensure that each email is delivered to the appropriate agent and accelerate response times by using the robust, rule-based routing engine.
  • Advanced Automation – Leverage advanced auto-response and auto-suggest capabilities, as well as automatic escalation.
  • Enhanced Personalization – Improve overall service and build stronger customer relationships with customer specific automatic merge fields, conditional context and logic based on individual customer or account profile, automatic detection and configuration of email format, trackable hyperlinks in messages and customization of reply aliases, subject lines, email content and staff signature.
  • Multilingual Options – Send and receive email in different languages with automatic language encoding detection, automatic spell-checking capabilities and standard response library of FAQs in multiple languages.
  • Seamless Third Party Application Integration – Integrate with popular email servers using industry-standard protocols such as SMTP, POP3, SPOP3 and IMAP and accomplish XML integration for automatic contact record updates.

Chat and Co-browse

Talisma chat

Talisma Chat and Co-browse enables organisations to communicate in real time with visitors to their Website using powerful text dialogue and collaborative browsing.


Agents can interact concurrently with multiple visitors while delivering personal and immediate attention to enhance the visitor’s online experience.


Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with Talisma Chat and Co-browse, employees have single-click access to a unified view of all previous customer interactions from any communication channel.


They can quickly respond to enquiries using a knowledgebase of FAQs, response templates, Web links, and documents. 


Talisma chat comes in 3 variants – Proactive, Reactive and Virtual.

Social Media

social media monitoring

Build profitable relationships with customers through social media.
Talisma’s Social CRM kit helps your organization understand the behaviour of social media participants and how to engage them.


Social Platform: Designed to engage customers and rejuvenate relationships. The tool enables institutions to propagate product information through events, campaigns and acts as a platform for managing customer interaction on forums and wikis. It also helps you pull customer interactions into your CRM application.

  • Enable customer Social B2C interactions with agents
  • Push product information, events, FAQs, campaigns
  • Provide platform for Social Customer-to-Customer interactions on forums, wikis
  • Manage customer self-service and Win With Customer (WWC) programs and pull customer interactions into CRM

Social Measurement: Analyse, predict, profile and segment your target audience. It gives you a 360 degree coverage to determine what people talking about and why, among others.

  • It helps you study these conversations to gain in-depth knowledge on trends, influencing factors and discussion points to include them your marketing messages for your social media-based and external campaigns.
  • The tool can seamlessly monitor millions of blogs, video-sharing and peer-to-peer sites and other social media venues in real time for conversations that are pertinent to your brand, products and your customers. The next step is uncovering opportunities and following them.
  • Social Measurement comes with workflow tools to help you delegate and supervise engagement opportunities identified by the tool.

Social Connectors and APIs: This tool gives useful insights into customer contacts and accounts and helps study competition and partners. 

  • It also offers information on customer contacts, accounts, competition and partners by helping analyse profiles, demographics, interests, lifestyles, social circle and connections.


Mobile CRM

Talisma Mobile solution comes with maps allowing sales and service agents to Geo-tag locations of interest, choose routes and zero in on a prospect/ customer’s location faster.


This also adds a spatial dimension to your institution’s relationship with its customers and helps engage stakeholders with better customer experience through up-to-the-minute information.


Talisma Mobile takes mobility to a whole new level with on-the-go scheduling.


You can schedule meetings and fix appointments from your phone and sync it with Talisma. 


This facilitates a two-way exchange of information and helps your customer-facing employees plan their day and manage their schedule better.


The solution has advanced profile management feature that allows agents to update customer/prospect and meeting/appointment information on the go.


The app provides an overview of information about contacts and allows modification as needed.


Talisma Mobile offers agents advanced reports that can offer a quick snapshot of the status of various interactions and pipeline.


With real-time information that Talisma Mobile offers, your agents are empowered to transact and engage with customers backed by adequate information.


Respond Faster with Talisma SMS: SMS text messaging has become one of the most popular communication methods for customers.

  • Fast and cost-effective, Talisma CRM SMS enhances the customer experience while streamlining communications for a wide range of processes.
  • Talisma CRM SMS can be used by any department to immediately follow-up an email or print campaign with an SMS text blast. This ensures broader delivery of important notifications.
  • Combine with Talisma CRM Campaigns to send out SMS campaigns, track responses, and trigger actions based on response.


Maximize Communication Productivity with Talisma Phone: Enabling improved call handling and accelerated response times, Talisma CRM Phone facilitates agent productivity and long-term customer satisfaction. 

  • With advanced features and enhanced capabilities, Talisma CRM Phone empowers service staff to efficiently manage large volumes of inbound and outbound telephone interactions and enhances the customer interaction experience.

Sophisticated Caller Identification and Notification Screen Pops: Preview caller information with customizable caller ID and access complete customer interaction history.


Advanced Call Control and Management Capabilities: Route calls to appropriate agent for first time resolution success with intelligence based call routing.

  • Hold calls to conference in additional help
  • Perform warm-call transfers
  • Transfers calls with associated content to update call receiving agents
  • Provide dynamic call lists and predictive, progressive, and preview dialing mechanisms for efficient call patterns and volumes

Dynamic Call Scripting: Guide agents with graphical user interface based scripts, personalized offers and content based on business logic that matches customer profiles.

  • Dynamic script that pops the next question based on response received to previous question
  • Specified default answers to simplify data entry and capture of customer responses that automatically update customer records.

Third Party Application Access: Access external applications within the same screen pop with seamless integration to ActiveX components and web-enabled legacy systems.


In-depth Reporting: Track and analyze response times, satisfaction levels, agent performance, and more.


Customization and Integration: Customize and integrate solution to suit specific requirements using variety of configurable options and published set of Talisma XML and COM APIs.


Data points presented on a dashboard that is easy to use can help improve customer experience across the customer journey and service delivery consistency across channels.


It can also help highlight shortcomings, service mismatch, improve staff training and promote better interactions.


Talisma’s Digital Engagement Platform delivers much needed predictability across interactions and transactions. 


It works by learning from every customer interaction.


It can validate customer data, study campaign responses, suggest campaign parameters (time, segmentation, target profiles) and engage customers and prospects in automated chat sessions.


Talisma’s Platform offers you:-

  • Performance reports for each platform, channel, & the blended agent
  • Channel Specific Efficiency metrics
  • Customer Experience for individual Channels
  • Process Automation to improve Productivity and Consistency


Talisma’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform provides you with the capability to not only design workflows for automating processes across different systems but also gives you the power to link these workflows to established business outcomes.


This ensures that all outcomes are closely monitored and no critical patterns that may affect business are missed. 


Organisations can move more swiftly and respond to any deviations thereby reducing time and controlling investments.


Talisma Platform offers you:-

  • Ability to set business goals and measure them across channels
  • Measure success based on ease of doing business
  • Ability to outline the engagement channel based on severity/opportunity type
  • View indicators of Multi-channel performance.

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