Effective Customer Engagement In An Increasingly Omnichannel World

Customer loyalty is something that every brand desires but it is getting increasingly hard to achieve in today’s  world. Modern consumers have come to expect omnichannel customer engagement world-class services even from small businesses. Research shows that customer experience (CX) is one of the most important factors determining customer loyalty, the likelihood of customer referrals, and the ability to absorb shocks like COVID-19 without it hurting your bottom line. In today’s world, CX goes beyond sending an automated birthday email, clients will happily pay a premium for a more involved experience. So how does one achieve this elusive goal of increasing brand loyalty? This is where customer service CRM’s like Talisma come in. Using big data and deep learning, the customer journey solutions provided by Talisma can help you provide a bespoke experience to every individual client.

Understanding the Customer Journey

omnichannel customer engagement

Every interaction that a customer has with your product or service is part of the customer’s journey with your brand. This may include interactions online with your website or real-world interactions with your retail store. The journey begins as soon as the customer becomes aware of your product and ideally, never ends. Thus it becomes critical to use an omnichannel engagement platform so that the possibility of a negative interaction is greatly reduced. It should not matter whether the customer contacts you through social media, a phone call, or a personal visit, customer service should be the same across all points of contact.

To make things a little simpler, here is what a traditional customer journey looks like:

1. Awareness
This is where a potential customer first becomes aware of your product or service. At this point the customer is just prospecting and learning about the different brands available.

2. Deliberation
At the deliberation stage, the customer is comparing your product with your competitors. Now is a good time to be a little proactive with sales.

3. Decision
This is the make-or-break moment of a traditional customer journey transformation. The customer decides whether to purchase your product or go with an alternative.

4. Retention
During the retention stage, multichannel customer engagement becomes really important. Post-sale support should be readily available across all platforms.

5. Advocacy
If everything goes right, you’ve finally managed to acquire enough customer loyalty that they feel comfortable advocating your products to others.

Understanding the customer journey is an important step towards providing each customer with a unique and memorable experience. The needs & pain points of a customer at the decision stage are different than those at the advocacy stage. It can also help you identify potential upselling opportunities. Research shows that 80% of a company’s revenue is generated by 20% of its clients, providing a bespoke experience to these crucial customers is key to unlocking higher profits.

Using Talisma’s Omnichannel customer engagement To Customize CX

During all the customer journey phases, customer analytics software like Talisma can collect important data regarding customer behavior, attrition points, and overall performance. With the age of artificial intelligence upon us, companies are also looking to leverage AI to provide a more personalized experience. Here’s how Talisma’s suite of customer journey solutions can help you make the most of big data and AI:

Prospect Management
Prospect management refers to clever organization and management of your business’s potential leads. You can combine your leads from various channels into one integrated platform. This can help you carefully segment and differentiate the prospects based on their buying potential, allowing you to provide custom solutions to each batch of prospects. This will also help you to get the most out of your advertising budget as you can spend more on good prospects and less on bad leads.

Customer acquisition
Acquiring new customers requires a multi-pronged approach that can involve everything from email campaigns to field sales. Talisma’s customer journey solutions provide an integrated platform to organize all your customer acquisition efforts. This can help all your sales agents work together creating a collaborative network.

Customer service with omnichannel customer engagement
A customer service CRM is essential to providing prompt redressal to customer grievances. With Talisma, all points of contact whether online or offline can be combined into one neatly designed software. Some of these processes can even be automated using AI and data learning models, reducing the load on your customer support executives.

Customer retention and loyalty
Customer retention and loyalty are vital in the business world, and Talisma plays a key role in achieving these goals by offering personalized solutions for onboarded customers. Retaining customers means keeping them happy and satisfied so that they stick around and continue choosing your business. When customers receive personalized attention, whether through customized services or targeted communication, they are more likely to stay loyal to your brand.

Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into how you can use Talisma’s omnichannel customer engagement platform to provide a memorable experience to your clients.

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