Finance House Case Study

“Among the best CRM products in the region, Talisma provides a unique multi-channel solution product that caters to our needs in this specific area”

Mohammed Wassim

SVP- strategic planning and development


Finance House Wanted a Robust Solution to Deliver on Its Go-to Market Initiatives Along With a Superior Customer Experience to Manage Its Diversified Portfolio of Solutions.

Talisma’s CRM Is a Strategic Step Towards Servicing All Activities Related to Your Target Audience

Finance House P.J.S.C. provides investments, consumer and commercial financing, and other related services. It’s area of operations are primarily in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. It operates through six segments. 

Commercial and Retail Financing offers loans and other credit facilities for institutional and individual customers. Investment segment manages investment portfolio including listed equities, pre-IPO investments, private equity, bonds and Sukuks, fixed income securities, and a range of funds, as well as treasury activities comprising flexi and fixed deposits.

Islamic Financing and Investing provides  investment, consumer and commercial financing, and other related services. Insurance segment offers non-life insurance services. Construction engages in the real estate construction related activities. Brokerage offers brokerage services.

Key Benefits

  • Faster time-to-market for key financial products through high impact marketing activities
  • Enhanced ability to reach underserved niche segments
  • Enhanced lead generation and management capability

The Requirement:

Finance House signed up Talisma within a year of commencing operations. The company began its CRM journey by defining a customer engagement framework for itself. Key components of this approach included personalised attention and value-based communications. Overall, it wanted to attract and engage customers by offering an enhanced experience while moving quickly to establish a strong market presence. The key components of this approach were customer acquisition, retention and profitability.

Finance House wanted a solution that could serve as a nimble communications platform. This platform should be able to keep customers and prospectives connected and engaged with the brand. Being a start-up financial institution, Finance House wanted to increase the impact of its communication endeavours. At the same time, it wanted to increase brand traction by pushing key messages to target segments in a personalized manner in the market.

Talisma CRM was able to meet Finance House’s unique customer engagement needs across multiple channels. By integrating efficiently and smoothly with Finance House’s  core banking solution T 24, the solution delivered benefits at various levels. Using Talisma CRM, Finance House was able to:

  • Reach out to customers and prospects in a personalised manner
  • Manage all outreach activities on a single platform
  • Unify key customer facing processes to improve efficiency
  • Enhance its cross sell/up sell capacity
  • Handle prospective customers while integrating with core banking solution
  • Leverage intuitive workflows to manage customer interactions and engagement opportunities
  • Prevent sales teams from engaging blacklisted clients/ prospects who needn’t be engaged/who are not qualified for certain product categories. This is to conserve marketing/sales attention
  • Manage customer enquires better

Talisma CRM helped Finance House gain a strong competitive edge in the UAE market. It helped them implement well-planned and cost-effective strategies focused on offering comprehensive services to customers. It was also able to generate high levels of awareness for its products in the market. It also helped map prospects and customers to relevant products with ease.

“Among the CRM products in the region, Talisma provides a unique multi-channel solution product that caters to our needs in this specific area. The program supported all channels and forms of communication in the most effective manner. Whether it was for banking channels, chat, email or face-to-face communication techniques, Talisma out-rivaled the rest of the products in the market. Talisma’s CRM product package is a strategic step towards servicing  all the activities related to our target audience that will lead to customer satisfaction and retention in the long run.”

Talisma Adds Value Across the Customer Lifecycle

Consider the typical lifecycle stages of your customer: acquisition, servicing, retention and upsizing. You need to have  a comprehensive CEM framework to convey value right from the day a prospect hears about your brand. When your financial institution is in the process of acquiring customers, it needs to convey value and a desire for engagement on a customer’s preferred medium. During the servicing phase, your financial institution needs to strengthen the relationship by meeting service expectations. During retention, your brand will have to come up with unique products and appealing service propositions. During upsizing, you will have to devise ways to take the relationship to the next level.

Customer experience management spans the entire customer engagement lifecycle

Talisma has been helping financial institutions adopt CEM for over a decade now. Our CEM approach is based on our strong domain expertise in banking and strategic business consulting services. Our best-of-breed solutions optimize and deliver superior core-functionality and domain-specific implementation resources well attuned to your project specifics. We offer financial institutions everything they need to power their CEM initiatives under one roof.

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