Five Reasons Why You Should Integrate CTI with CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) enables higher productivity and efficiency for businesses of various verticals. Live agent users are very happy with this current system as it easily integrates with the “Computer Telephony Integration”. How is it helping hands for them? It customizes the customer experience by highly improving the agent’s work performance.

Let’s find out some more reasons why businesses should integrate CTI with CRM.

1. Effective call management:

With its highly built-in features, such as the click-to-call option, holding and routing calls to the most suitable department or person, CTI offers a well-planned system that has been created to help save both time and effort of call agents. Its integration with a CRM allows users to logically manage calls and store call notes straight to the CRM, which the whole team can access in real-time. With the help of its automated call tracking feature, an integrated CTI–CRM system helps to manage the call data, directly updated into the CRM, allowing a seamless data integration, and helping the company management to serve its customers better.


2. Highly efficient customer engagements:

An integrated system provides all the valid information about a particular customer without searching for it manually. With its pop-up element, all the suitable details of a customer appear on the screen, allowing contact centre agents to know about their recent communications, purchases, or service offered from their side. Having access to all this information lets contact centre agents know the modified information about the customers to serve them in a personalized way. So, an agent can communicate with a customer with perfection and confidence to get a better response that enhances customer satisfaction.


3. Custom reports and analysis:

CTI- CRM integration lets a company handle customer data efficiently. This user data can help in developing custom reports and predicting trends and preparing sales and financial goals for future planning. It can also help a company generate reports according to the customer purchase patterns and issues creating an effective strategy to serve customers well and build a good rapport with them.



4. Cost-saving:

With CRM-CTI integration using CTI connector, the time lost while holding a call, plus overall call time, can be deducted by efficiently routing calls to the suitable department, group, or person. As the system is equipped with the required information available through a pop-up window, contact centre executives can fix customer queries and reduce call time. It also reduces the workload of contact centre executives and improves their productivity to take more calls and improve ROI.

Checking the productivity of its employees is an ideal scenario for any organization. An integrated CTI-CRM system helps companies monitor the call counts, call duration, and resolution time of contact centre agents. With all the relevant call data available, it is easy to check employees’ performance and train them for better performance.

To sum up

Today it is necessary to lead the operations of the business smoothly, minus the efforts of managing two platforms. CTI software is a plus point for the call centre sector because they have to manage a lot of calls from customers every minute. And the ultimate final they will get is when syncing with the fast-growing software called Customer Relationship Management.

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