How Chat Support with Co-Browsing Can Derive an Amazing Customer Experience

As most businesses would understand, customers value their time and effort. Therefore, quick and easy touchpoints lead to sales more often. To achieve this, businesses are now implementing a live chat with a co-browsing solution in their Customer Experience (CX) strategy to deliver a seamless experience to customers. With the benefits of co-browsing live chat solutions for enterprises, businesses are better able to cater to customer needs, solving problems quicker than they would with a live chat solution alone.

A relatively new concept in terms of customer journey experience, a co-browsing live chat solution comes with the benefits of both a co-browser and live chat. While the live chat feature needs no introduction today, the concept of co-browsing does. So, to get a clear idea, here is what co-browsing means:

What is Co-browsing?

Collaborative browsing or co-browsing is a browsing practice where customers can get their problem fixed by sharing their screen directly with a support agent, who in turn browses through the webpage to actively solve the customer’s issue. This is not just any ordinary screen sharing; co-browsing protects user data and restricts screen sharing to only web pages, while also censoring sensitive information like payment details and credit/debit card credentials. Customers can enable co-browsing with the click of a button and receive quicker and seamless solutions to their queries.

Talisma is one of the very few companies offering this integrated service to enterprises and here is how a business can benefit from it:

Benefits of chat support with co-browsing

A complete solution

Firstly, live chats can enhance customer satisfaction significantly. The idea that customers can get their queries answered through quick one-to-one communication, can go a long way in enhancing their experience with a brand. However, live chat alone cannot resolve problems that require technical intervention. This is when co-browsing is of immense help.

Since most customer queries can be solved with simple assistance, it is always a better idea to have a live chat agent answer common queries. However, in the case of a technical issue that calls for active and direct intervention, a customer service agent can prompt a customer to activate co-browsing from the live chat feature with the click of a button. Following that, the support agent can get a comprehensive idea of the issue from the chat, step in and resolve the issue, thereby providing a quick and complete solution in one session, and a much more satisfactory customer experience.

Optimal use of live chat

Live chat and co-browsing can help optimize the use of live chat. With co-browsing, your employees can boost their productivity by precisely addressing customer issues without any kind of back-and-forth action. There is no scope for miscommunication and guesswork. An agent proactively takes charge of the situation and easily guides customers through the problem. This means that the customer spend less time on the live chat, resulting in quality customer experience, it also helps in making optimal use of the live chat feature.

A competitive edge

Most businesses today, big or small, have a live chat feature incorporated in their website. Live chat has proven to be so efficient in enhancing customer satisfaction that it hardly requires any introduction. The feature has proliferated over the last 5 years and has become an integral part of business’ CX strategies. With one-to-one communication with the brand itself, customers feel a sense of worth, which is valuable for any business in the long run.

However, live chat features have their fair share of drawbacks that only co-browsing can eliminate. In a market where consumers value top-quality experience, co-browsing results in better customer satisfaction than live chat by 9%.

Better customer experience and retention

83% customers give up live chats due to poor or slow processes. However, by complementing live chat with co-browsing, this problem can be solved significantly, eliminating the subtle, yet significant drawbacks of live chats and chatbots. Consequently, when these 83% customers are given what they desire, it would inevitably result in better retention rates for any business.

That is how live chat with co-browsing can drastically improve a business’ CX strategy. While it mostly looks simple, Talisma makes it simpler. With the latest and advanced CRM solutions, Talisma has worked with major corporates, giving a competitive edge to each of them. Click here to know more about Talisma’s live chat with co-browsing solution.

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