How Digital Customer Experience (DCX) fuels organizational development

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” – Jeff Bezos


A brand is considered successful on the basis of how many customers it has satisfied with its products or services. Nowadays, people are more online than offline hence businesses are fishing for customer-centric strategies to stay relevant in the market. Why does being client-centric matter? As per Forrester’s analysis, customer-focused companies increase their revenue 1.4x faster than non-customer-focused companies. This data surely signifies the impact of how taking care of your customers or clients will let you take care of your brand in disguise. 

If you follow our blogs religiously, you would notice that we constantly hammer the topic of CX aka Customer Experience to help businesses achieve complete digital transformation that fosters higher revenues in the long run. Well, in today’s blog, Talisma Corporation is about to tell you how DCX (Digital Customer Experience) is a significant part of your organization’s future. Continue reading to learn more. 


Digital Customer Experience – What do we mean? 


To describe briefly, Digital Customer Experience is the total of interactions the customer has with a brand via digital technologies. Such digital interactions can occur anywhere from the brand’s website to social media platforms


Digital Customer Experience versus Customer Experience


Digital Customer Experience is one aspect of Customer Experience. When it comes to perceiving a brand, customers do not differentiate between digital and non-digital and treat both as the same. For instance, if you own a fine dining restaurant and find that one of your guests is dissatisfied with your service, he or she is most likely to complain about it both online and offline. Even though the guest’s interaction with the restaurant was offline, the online image of the restaurant’s brand is liable to suffer. So, both CX and DCX hold equal importance in the world of business. 


Digital Customer Experience for digital–savvy brands

We are almost inching closer to 2022 and if your brand has still not set its foot on digital platforms then it’s surely a matter of concern. Forbes has declared that data interactions went up by 5000% between 2010 and 2020. Another report by MIT has stated that digitalized companies are 23% more lucrative than their non-digital competitors. To emphasize the importance of DCX, we would like to present some pointers as mentioned below. 


Increased Digital Users 


In our country, we have more netizens than citizens. According to Statista’s report, after China, India remains the second largest online market in the world with over 560 million internet users. Additionally, people find online shopping more convenient as it saves them time, money, and is somewhat discreet in nature. 


Customized and Valuable Experiences


With the aid of CI (Customer Intelligence) or Customer Insights, businesses can effectively create value for their clients or customers. Based on real-time data, customers are now getting targeted ads and a better online experience than before to achieve a higher client retention rate. A case in point is Netflix – the renowned online entertainment services platform uses big data to save $1 billion per year on customer retention (Source: Statista). 


Enhanced Brand Reputation


The reputation of your brand definitely matters in this aggressively competitive business world. Delivering a positive Digital Customer Experience consistently will foster your brand’s personality which will eventually boost sales and revenues. 


Today is the best day to become a digital-savvy brand that delivers digitally-driven CX to its target audience. Connect with Talisma’s Digital Transformation Experts to get apt DCEPs (Digital Customer Engagement Platforms) that enable higher business performance in the shortest span possible. 


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