Recruitment & Staffing

Leverage the Web to Serve Clients and Attract the Best Canidates

Build and sustain relationships with clients and job candidates

In today's economy, staffing services are competing to fill fewer positions while having to screen and manage many more applicants and resumes.Talisma CRM for Recruitment & Staffing provides the most proven and advanced technology for recruiting the best candidates and placing them with your clients.

  • Enhance your ability to meet your clients' current and projected staffing needs
  • Personalize and automate follow-up communications with prospective candidates
  • Gain real-time insight with powerful reporting tools

Communicate and provide services on their terms with Talisma CRM

Talisma CRM enables multichannel communications through email, phone, chat, SMS text, Web forms, and online portals, so you can deliver personalized services to recruiters, human resources departments, and job candidates.

With Talisma CRM for Recruitment & Staffing, you get a complete suite of tools for managing client relationships, achieving staffing goals, and staying competitive.

Talisma® CRM Suite

Customers, Citizens, Students. They are All Unique and Talisma CRM Enables You to Treat Them That Way.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Gain a unified view of your customers

  • Digital Customer Engagement Platform

    Deliver an engaging experience through a digital platform