Minimising Costs with Robotic Process Automation


Robotics has transformed the world, automating mundane, human functions and making both backend and front-end processes more rapid and efficient. Industries like banking, healthcare etc are incorporating RPA into their functions. Robotic process automation provides benefits that can reduce costs, [...]

Minimising Costs with Robotic Process Automation2020-09-15T05:52:29-05:00

10 Tips for Effective Email Management


Business success requires time management and time management depends to a great extent on email management. To boost your productivity, you need to leverage email as a marketing tool. At the same time, investing too much time on emails can [...]

10 Tips for Effective Email Management2020-09-08T06:26:42-05:00

Role of CRM in Insurance Industry


Customer relationship management or CRM is a tool that is most effective in ensuring a superior customer experience across all touchpoints of the customer journey. How is CRM helpful? Businesses that can strategically use CRM notice a significant rise in [...]

Role of CRM in Insurance Industry2020-09-04T04:06:17-05:00

Co-Browsing & Customer Experience


Business sustainability is the need of the hour. An unstable economy can be difficult for any company. Especially during the current unprecedented times, companies are unable to cope with the changing circumstances. The exit-rate of customers is at an all-time [...]

Co-Browsing & Customer Experience2020-08-20T06:21:42-05:00

The Top Customer Experience Metrics


Every marketer knows the importance of measuring and analysing marketing activities. The use of KPIs can help in assessing the performance of marketing campaigns. This includes the measurement of customer experience. If you want to provide the best customer service [...]

The Top Customer Experience Metrics2020-08-12T05:35:32-05:00

A Holistic View of Talisma’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform


Businesses are rapidly changing their marketing strategies to keep up with the digitized world. Customer interactions are becoming digital. This is especially true after the pandemic situation, which has created a massive boom in online customer engagement. With customers opting [...]

A Holistic View of Talisma’s Digital Customer Engagement Platform2020-09-04T04:12:32-05:00

Optimizing the Lead Generation Process


One of the core components of an effective marketing strategy is the lead generation process. The lead generation procedure involves a plethora of marketing activities that are designed to attract prospective customers to your offering and convert them. Whether you're [...]

Optimizing the Lead Generation Process2020-09-04T04:18:05-05:00