JetPrivilege Case Study

Talisma Platform Helped Jetprivilege Effectively Manage Their Customer Interactions and Improve Resolution Time Across Multiple Teams for a Better Customer Experience and Increased Agent Productivity.

About JetPrivilege

Introduced in 1994, the JetPrivilege programme over time has grown to become one of the most trusted, most respected service brands in the world. In the last 10 years it has expanded as a programme and gone beyond being just a frequent flier programme to becoming an internationally acclaimed, award winning, global loyalty and rewards programme.

JetPrivilege ensures members always travel in a world of benefits and privileges. Through this unique programme, members can earn JPMiles every time they travel with Jet Airways, Etihad Airways and any of the other airline partners or transact with any of the 150+ programme partners.

Business Challenge

JetPrivilege members were provided with 2 email aliases to communicate with the organization for their service related as well as redemption related issues. All this was managed through Microsoft outlook mailbox configured for both receiving and responding to email communications.

The team leader then used to go to each of the individually created folders by agents to decide upon the action to be taken in each of these issues and forward the emails to individual agents for resolution.

As for reporting, the department was manually measuring agent response metrics rather than the ticket resolution metrics. Many teams had to collaborate to resolve customer tickets like Jet Privilege, Jet Privilege Service, Cargo, Reservation and MHB.

Prior to implementing Talisma’s solution, JetPrivilege was using Outlook to manage email communication and CRIS as their core customer relationship system. There was no integration between Outlook and CRIS to sync customer tickets resulting in a lot of manual time consuming steps required at the agent side.

JetPrivilege had also evaluated other top email management products as part of technology evaluation process before finally deciding on Talisma. Talisma had a long relationship with JetPrivilege management team while pursuing this deal. References and recommendations from existing customers in BFSI and other industries helped in building the much needed confidence amongst JetPrivilege stakeholders assessing the capabilities of the Talisma solution.

Solution Highlights

JetPrivilege wanted a partner and technology provider to work with them in this complex implementation involving multiple teams. Talisma had a proven robust platform with lot of OOTB features which enabled easy integration with CRIS core system whilst providing the ability to significantly reduce manual interventions.

JetPrivilege currently uses Talisma email management platform to manage and measure customer email communications. Talisma platform is also integrated with CRIS core team to eliminate redundant and manual steps performed by team leads and agents.

Talisma platform is used by teams across Jet Airways as well as JetPrivilege teams – Jet Privilege, Jet Privilege Service, Cargo, Reservation and MHB.

JetPrivilege and Talisma worked together as a team to overcome many implementation and technical challenges. Even the most critical phase of post-implementation was handled by Talisma onsite team very diligently and accurately to help stabilize the platform and improve adoption.

Talisma Professional services team demonstrated the required functional and technical expertise to help JetPrivilege to successfully implement this complex deployment involving multiple teams and systems.

Key Features:

  • Auto-assignment and auto-reservation capabilities helps reduce effort required by team leads to go through each email and assign it to different users.
  • Load sharing among team members is completely automated.
  • Agent productivity has improved significantly using features like canned responses and auto acknowledgment communications.
  • Reports help to monitor the team’s performance, resolution time and customer communication TAT metrics.
  • Escalation matrix is configured both at the interaction/ ticket level as well as individual internal team level.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of time consuming manual activities and automating email triage and load sharing.
  • Eliminated duplication effort of updating the same details in two different systems.
  • Increased agent productivity significantly.
  • Generation of reports to manage and measure the team’s performance and quality of communication.
  • Bringing transparency to management team and individual teams about the customer service/satisfaction process.

Benefits in Numbers:

  • Improvement in agent performance by 30%, resulting in handling higher number of customer communications.
  • Significantly reduced manual activities performed by team lead and agents.
  • Helped to track customer resolution time rather than customer response time, which shifted the service agent’s mindset to measuring a more impactful metric.

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