Mobile CRM: Mobilizing Businesses for Smart Reinvention

Mobiles or Smartphones have become an indispensable part of an individual’s life. As per Statista’s analysis, the current number of smartphone users in the world is 6.378 billion which is equivalent to 80.63% of the global population. The source even says that in 2022, the number will reach 6,648 billion if not more. Apart from easy communication and on-demand entertainment, smartphones are considerably used for professional work. From CEOs to CSRs, a good number of people are incorporating mobiles along with laptops or desktops to meet their work requirements efficiently. Mobile CRMs are one of the valuable Customer Service Tools deployed by multiple businesses to ensure smooth flow of work and information for delivering elevated Customer Experience.

In today’s blog segment, Talisma Corporation is ready to transmit vital information regarding Mobile CRM and how the deployment of one is a sine qua non for business advancement. Continue reading below to learn more.

What is a Mobile CRM?


In the simplest terms, Mobile CRMs are just like ordinary CRM solutions with the exception of the former being accessed from smartphones and tablets. Via a mobile CRM app, you can access real-time data of your customers and prospects in a few clicks from anywhere without logging into your desktop or laptop. With so much convenience of getting the right data on the mobile screen in a few seconds, sales personnel can handle their client interactions with maximal proficiency.

Why your business craves a Mobile CRM Strategy?


As evident, permanent WFH and hybrid work models are gaining momentum allowing teams to work from their smartphones and tablets on the go without depending completely upon computers. Reliable sources have confirmed that users of mobile business applications experienced a 74% increase in Customer Satisfaction, an 87% improvement in Sales, and a 73% improvement in Business Efficiency. If this data doesn’t convince you to deploy a Mobile CRM, the below pointers surely will:

Mobile CRMs assist in,

Boosting Sales


Do you know what the Nucleus Research report has revealed about the effect of Mobile CRM Solutions on the process of conversions? The report says 65% of companies that deploy mobile CRMs are able to meet their sales targets more effectively than their counterparts. Mobile CRM Apps make sending crucial sales material to clients simpler and faster so that Sales Executives can close more deals from any place.

Ameliorating Team Productivity


Organizations have understood the dominance of “smart work” over hard work. The deployment of Mobile CRM Solutions will encourage your workforce to perform to their best abilities by giving them a chance to operate freely from any location as per their convenience, thus, shortening the sales cycle and letting more revenues enter the business.

Upgrading Customer Experience


With on-demand data that no longer require the workforce to turn on their desktops, customers are handled in a much appealing way than ever before. Mobile CRMs allow the Sales Personal to serve the clients 24/7 with the power of regular follow-ups and trackings.

Enabling Smart Decisions


As the wise saying goes, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine, Mobile CRMs are no less than a timesaver and a tool to conjure quick and sound decision-making abilities. When you have all the requisite data on your smartphone or tablet, you are sure to stay one step ahead in the race. As on-site data is one of the fundamentals of mobile CRM apps, your responses during demanding situations are more precise and prompt.

Achieve the unachievable with Talisma Mobile CRM


Talisma Corporation has come up with an agile solution so that corporations can make the most of every sales opportunity. Talisma Mobile CRM is encapsulated with robust features like data portability, calendar integration, geotagging, analytics, scheduling, and routing to let businesses enjoy 5X Efficiency and 4X Revenues. For more details about Talisma Mobile CRM or any other product from Talisma Corporation, connect with our executives today.


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