Talisma Outlines Top Technology Trends to Look Forward to in 2013

CIO-IN, 16th Jan 2013 - The one thing that is certain about the future is continual technological change. The growth of industry forced changes in technology as customer demands changed over the last few years. The year 2012 has also been a year in which we saw businesses spending more on areas such as business intelligence, consumer sentiment analysis, and mobile wallet. Businesses also strengthened their technology initiatives to respond to customer and market dynamics, and work towards demolishing siloes in managing customer experiences.

Now, it’s that time of the year again. 2013 will continue to see the emergence of customer experience management (CEM). Some of the trends that will dominate the headlines and resources in 2013 are:

Expanding brand and product experience to smartphones

Companies will invest more and work towards expanding their CEM strategies to smartphones aggressively. 2013 will see CEM continue to emerge as a critical strategy for businesses. Companies will continue to focus on innovative customer experience models, especially those that combine new technology with the ability to measure consumer interaction and receive feedback. As a channel of engagement, smartphones will see maximum engagement attention from institutions

Shift in a collaborative approach in developing products and services with customers to continue

This means that businesses today will have to invest to continue hearing feedback from their customers, which in turn means more incentives. Marketing, especially on social channels, is becoming a joint effort with ‘influencers’ playing a major role in shaping brand attributes and this trend is going to strengthen in 2013 and we see more collaborative projects taking off in 2013.

Traffic to online product, brand and service review sites will increase

More such sites will come up in 2013, but a few of them will sustain traffic and build their influence. Businesses will have to do much more to sustain traffic volumes on their website or even attract traffic from review sites. Businesses will also work out ways to work jointly with review sites without compromising their objectivity.

The length of average app sessions on phones will rise

A direct result of institutions’ viewing apps as another engagement frontier, businesses will figure out ways to incentivize app usage and increase the duration of each session. The average session length continues to be an area of concern for businesses. Use of applications to drive loyalty and brand connect will be something that many businesses will be working upon.

Banking, telecom and retail to remain key investors in CEM programs

A CEM solution is a one-stop-solution to effectively manage shopping experiences across multiple touch points—online, mobile, in-store, call center, and social media. The CEM market is at a very nascent stage. Vendors are launching products, forging partnerships, and developing advanced analytical tools to analyze network performance along with customer behavior, preferences, and sentiments. Vendors have ample opportunity to develop technologies such as social media analytics, and behavioral analytics to become integral parts of CEM solutions. One of the most critical capabilities that CEM solutions must have in order to analyze customer experience in its totality is the ability to bridge the gap between IT and network data.

Consumer-oriented online engagement practices

Businesses will spend more attention and resources today evolving strategies to engage their target audiences through innovative methods. In addition to content, the focus will be on providing a memorable browsing experience and connecting customers with products faster. Aided navigation, site search, and SEO are areas that will receive added attention.

Actionable analytics

Customer behavior, hitherto a subject of much speculation, will come out of the realm of unknown to known, thanks to deployment of analytical tools by businesses. Such tools are helping businesses analyze transaction patterns to derive actionable intelligence that helps improve processes, service efficiency, customer orientation, product features, and brand equity.

Integrated Ecosystem

These are designed to provide an integrated view of the customer across all transactions, relationships, channels, and geographies. The bigger objective is to provide a unified experience to customers.

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