Prevas Case Study

Prevas Deploys Talisma CEM to Manage Its Customer Experience Initiatives

About Prevas

Prevas is a technical IT company that offers solutions, services and products to customers who are developing products with   high IT content or who need to streamline or automate their operations. With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth. Prevas was founded in 1985 and is the main supplier and development partner to leading companies in industries such as life science, telecom, automotive, defense, energy and engineering. Offices are located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and India. The company has just over 600 employees. Prevas has been listed on the NASDAQ exchange in Stockholm since 1998.


Prevas started a Support Department in 2000-2001 and needed a communication platform to handle support interactions, both telephone calls and mail. Prevas was using emails and calls to manage customer communication and each region of operation had a different system. This led to the emergence of communication siloes and delay in response. Thus, Prevas started scouting for a unified communication platform to manage inbound and outbound communication.

After an extensive evaluation process spanning demos and options, Prevas decided to settle on Talisma CEM. The main factors that influenced the decision were ease of use, features and simplicity in managing communications. The solution is being used by teams as diverse as support, regional business units and project management.

Talisma’s Solution

Prevas is using Talisma CEM’s mail and web interaction modules. It is the company’s main channel for interaction management. Prevas is now able to keep track of and prioritize interactions and respond appropriately to each inbound communication in a time- bound manner. The support team is therefore able to spend more time in resolving issues rather than figuring out interaction priority and responses times.

Prevas is also happy with the support provided by Talisma CEM’s support team. In fact the solution has been serving the company so well that Prevas has only had a few interactions with the Talisma CEM support team.


  • Better control of inbound and outbound customer communication
  • Interactions are seamlessly routed to teams responsible for managing them
  • Communication history is available to all stakeholders in a centralized manner
  • Each interaction  is  tracked  in  real-time  and  data  associated   is processed to find out the time spent on addressing each communication

Return on Investment:

  • Time and resource savings
  • Support teams free to focus on issue resolution rather than communication management
  • Increased revenue as Talisma CEM ensure better quality of support and appropriate invoicing wherever applicable
  • Faster resolution of issues thanks to the knowledgebase module
  • Integrated response to customers across regions

The Road Ahead

Prevas is implementing Talisma CEM for the regional Support organization in Oslo currently. The company plans to upgrade to Talisma CEM 9.2, this spring.

Prevas Speak

“Prevas Support strives towards building long-term relationships with our customers and to have in-depth knowledge of their business. We are today handling over 200 active support projects, with more than 2500 interactions world-wide each year. Support is an important part of Prevas business with well-oiled processes and routines to go with a highly competent workforce. We use Talisma as the pivot around which most of our support interactions are handled.

Jörgen Fahlberg, Support Manager Prevas IS

“Working with Talisma CEM is an easy way of getting a complete view of all the support cases we are working on and the cases we have managed in the past.”

Thomas Törnblom, Support Technichan, Prevas  Support

“Talisma CEM is a very user-friendly solution, it gives us a faster way of assigning interactions to our support engineers, plus the option to track communications, when needed.”

Jens Olsson,  Support Engineer, Dispatcher, Prevas IS Region Mid West

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