Customer Self service Portal Software | Customer Self-Service Portal

Customer Self service Portal Software | Customer Self-Service Portal

Empower Customers to Self-manage

Customer Self service Portal Software | Customer Self-Service Portal2023-04-04T22:28:34+05:30

Talisma Portal Enables Customers to Manage Contact Profiles, Communication Preferences, Interaction History and Current Requests

Designed to enhance the customer interaction experience, Talisma Portal leverages Web 2.0 capabilities to deliver personalized self-driven customer services. Empowering customers to self-manage their interactions with an organization, Talisma Portal enables customers to manage contact profiles, communication preferences, interaction history and current requests.

Maximize Operational Efficiency with Powerful Portal Management and Configuration

Combining its powerful interaction management and rules engine with a configurable web interface the Talisma Portal offers a personalized self-service environment to stakeholders across the organization including external customers, internal employees and partners. Talisma Portal’s self-service interface with online communication channels offers the added advantage of reducing operational costs associated with providing customer service and support. With fast and easy administration, Talisma Portal enables organisations to:

  • Use pre-defined skins for out-of-the-box and preconfigured look-and-feel options that enable users to manage the page layout of the interface including header, logo, font type, font size, font colour, etc.
  • Define multiple form-based pages within each tab to provide a flexible structure for multi-part content
  • Create pages that display content from an external source or from a Talisma database
  • Integrate into any Web site or Web application using extension capabilities available through the Talisma iServices Framework
  • Implement multiple layers of access for content security including configuring registration for secured access, portal usernames, and passwords, challenge-response for lost passwords and personalised “one portal, one login” access to display specific content for a specific user

Personalized Self-Service

Easy Integration Into Any Website/Application

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Maruti Suzuki

Portal Solution to manage dealers queries pan India.