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Optimize Communications with Talisma Chat and Co-browse

Talisma Chat and Co-browse enables organisations to communicate in real time with visitors to their website using powerful text dialogue and collaborative browsing. Agents can interact concurrently with multiple visitors while delivering personal and immediate attention to enhance the visitor’s online experience. With Talisma Chat and Co-browse, employees have single-click access to a unified view of all previous customer interactions from any communication channel and quickly respond to enquiries using a knowledgebase of FAQs, response templates, Web links, and documents.

Proactive Chat

Talisma DCEP chat revolutionizes customer engagement by initiating chat sessions based on pre-defined visitor behavior. This proactive approach ensures that your web visitors receive timely chat invitations upon landing or displaying specific browsing traits. The result is an enhanced customer experience, slashing operational costs linked to traditional customer service. By addressing potential issues in real-time, it mitigates shopping cart abandonment, boosting conversions and positively impacting your top line. In a seamless fusion of technology and customer-centricity, Talisma DCEP chat redefines online interaction, aligning your business for success.

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Proactive Chat

Talisma DCEP chat is designed to trigger chat sessions based on a pre-defined set of visitor behaviour. This means your web visitors get a chat invitation when they land on your site or display certain browsing traits. It helps improve customer experience, reduce operational costs attached to customer service, reduces instances of shopping cart abandonment, increases conversions and thereby has a positive implication on your top line.

Reactive Chat

Talisma DCEP Chat stands as a beacon for customer engagement by deploying strategic interventions when visitors seek agent assistance on your website. Say goodbye to scenarios of abandoned shopping carts or visitors departing due to a lack of real-time support. With Talisma DCEP Chat, your visitors are seamlessly connected with an agent, ensuring continuous engagement. This proactive approach transforms potential challenges into opportunities, allowing agents to promptly address concerns, resolve issues, and provide the sought-after information. By fostering meaningful interactions, Talisma DCEP elevates the overall user experience on your website.

Virtual Chat

Talisma DCEP Chat introduces a dynamic virtual chat option, ensuring uninterrupted engagement for your visitors. Beyond regular working hours or weekends, this innovative feature empowers visitors to seamlessly participate in chat sessions without the need for direct agent involvement. By leveraging automation, it extends support beyond traditional service hours, creating a round-the-clock avenue for inquiries. This not only enhances customer satisfaction by providing instant assistance but also contributes to a significant reduction in response time. The virtual chat option ultimately enhances the overall accessibility and effectiveness of your online support.

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Virtual Chat

Talisma DCEP chat offers virtual chat option. This means your visitors can automatically participate in a chat session without the involvement of an agent (after working hours or on weekends).


Talisma Co-Browse

Talisma Chat’s co-browsing feature empowers agents to seamlessly view a visitor’s webpage in real-time, revolutionizing customer engagement. This potent tool enables agents to proactively address visitor needs, providing an enhanced and personalized customer experience. Co-browsing proves invaluable for guiding customers through transactions, streamlining onboarding processes for new clients, and delivering impactful demos and pilots that are driven by engagement. By bridging the digital gap between agents and visitors, Talisma Chat’s co-browse becomes a catalyst for efficient support, fostering a more interactive and effective customer service environment.

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