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The insurance sector today is one of the most dynamic ones in the Indian business landscape. The sector that has seen investments from large international player’s year on year.

Digitalization has completely transformed the way companies interact with their customers. Many market players have already adopted digital technologies to help them harness their relationships with new-gen customers.

Hiring an apt salesperson is one part for growth opportunities. By all means, do everything you can to ensure they deliver accurate results and smash their sales targets. This is where the importance of software tracking comes in. Integrated software like CRM in the insurance sector plays a very significant role.

Take a look at your current situation in the insurance market

Do a simple review of your current sales process and find out yourself CRM for the insurance sector is necessary.

How many times have you had one of your leads say, “Sorry, I spoke to another broker”?

A couple of hours into the inquiry and they already contacted your competition. Well, 78% of customers usually do business with the company that reaches out to them first. Your chances of leading a conversation increase number of times if you reach out within the first five hours after their first inquiry.

Importance of CRM in the insurance industry

Facts you would be astonished to read

          • BFSI accounts for 22% of the global CRM software market
          • According to research, every rupee spent on CRM returns almost ten folds
          • 64% of companies find CRM to be either impactful or very impactful
          • A CRM software increases sales productivity by 34%

CRM is a platform for improved customer experience and faster claims resolutions. Customers today are well adapted to the convenience and the availability of communication channels like email, phone, chat, and social media. The effect have raised the chance of policyholders in terms of customer service experience and prompt handling of claims.

The numbers speak! 44% of insurance customers would switch if their preferred communication channel is not available during the claims process.

Why CRM in the insurance sector is a need

A CRM tool can empower a firm to operate just from its smartphone. It enables onboarding new customers, creating profiles, and providing customer service. Insurance is the need of the hour in many formats, and these may be the highlights why it is so good to have a CRM in the sector.

  1. CRM helps understand customers in a better way
  2.  With CRM, onboarding customers is easier
  3. Excellent customer service
  4. Personalize marketing & sales campaigns
  5. Reinforce customer loyalty
  6. Create customer profiles in no time with CRM
  7. Consistent brand experience
  8. Gain valuable customer insights
  9. Upsell and cross-sell insurance products
  10. CRM boosts insurance agent’s efficiency

A YES for a CRM!

A CRM for your insurance company can go a long way because a dedicated CRM in the insurance sector can multitask. A CRM helps you foster healthy relationships between businesses and customers. If you need help deciding on the perfect CRM for insurance companies, look no further than Talisma for all your business queries.

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