Sales CRM and Service CRM – Two essential tools for concentrated business growth

As per Capterra’s report, after the incorporation of CRM solutions, businesses have observed a 47% increase in CX (Customer Experience) and Customer Retention. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems build healthy relationships between clients and enterprises. Various corporations have realized the importance of customer-centricity for superior brand awareness and top-grade client satisfaction. According to Gartner’s analysis, in the coming years, CRM will be the largest area of spending on enterprise software. 


Since we have established the value of a CRM network in a flourishing organization, it is time for us to divide CRM into two types – Sales CRM and Service CRM. As the name suggests, Sales CRM ensures smooth sales management whereas Service CRM takes care of after-sales service. In this blog, we will tell you how Sales CRM along with Service CRM, are crucial ingredients for hardcore business development. Continue reading further for additional information. 


Sales CRM – Introduction

As we all know, sales bring money to the business and handling “sales” is one of the most challenging tasks for any business establishment. Sales CRM is one type of CRM tool that is extensively used to acquire new clients or customers. Through Sales CRM, sales representatives are able to efficiently manage or conduct all sales-related activities. Such CRMs aid in lead management (lead generation and nurturing) as well as conversion rate optimization (CRO). 


Sales CRM – Top Benefits

Presenting some great benefits of Sales CRM for your perusal.


Higher Revenues


Sales are the bread and butter of any business. Businesses depend on sales the way a person depends upon food. Sales CRM helps you gain higher revenues with its essential features, such as sales forecasting or business insights so that businesses can plan apt sales strategies for increasing the overall conversion rate.


Robust Sales Management


Activities related to sales are time-consuming and frustrating at some moments. When you deploy a powerful Sales CRM, you give room for utmost sales proficiency. Automated Sales CRMs cover almost all areas of sales so that there are zero delays in closing deals. 


Productive Sales Team


As we all know, selling is the most difficult business operation to take care of. Sales Representatives go through a lot of rejections in their line of work which can lower the morale of the entire sales team. Incorporating Sales CRMs can actually increase the efficiency of the entire sales process with real-time customer insights and a centralized database that fosters faster team communication and collaboration. 


Service CRM – Introduction

Service CRM is all about maintaining your relationships with the clients. This CRM comes into play after the sale has been closed. As we all understand, the job of a business does not end with sales, in fact, it begins after sales in the form of “Customer Service”. According to HubSpot Research, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with businesses that offer excellent customer service. Service CRM solutions ensure proper Customer Service and Support, things very significant for retaining customers in the long run. With the aid of Service CRMs, CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) can achieve upselling opportunities and observe a fall in the customer churn rate. 


Service CRM – Top Benefits

We hereby present some worth-mentioning benefits of Service CRM. 


Enriched Customer Relationships


Service CRMs improve an enterprise’s relationship with its clients by allowing CSRs to proactively handle customer grievances no matter how many are there in number. 


Faster Customer Service


With the availability of real-time customer data, CSRs can provide superior Customer Service and Support in seconds. 


Higher Customer Retention



Clients stay associated with businesses that treat them well. Service CRM solutions amplify Customer Experience (CX) which is key to a higher Customer Retention rate. 


Whether it’s Sales CRM or Service CRM, no business can think of becoming successful in this age without both. How would you feel if you get the best of both worlds? To further explain, Talisma CRM Solutions can handle both Sales and Customer Service aspects of corporations on a single platform. Now you can achieve immense business efficiency and reach your organizational goals earlier with customized, secure, and faster CRM Software Solutions developed by Talisma Corporation. To gain further information and ask for a Free Trial, connect with our expert team today. 

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