How Talisma’s digital platforms can help fintech companies

Equipping businesses with powerful digital systems.

Recent developments in digital platforms have made the sector a lot more customer-centric and relevant. Financial companies are able to deliver enhanced experiences to their stakeholders and end-users by offering services digitally. Not just that! An increased growth in employee satisfaction, customer engagement, and business innovation has been observed. Fintech companies are getting more organized and working faster to compete in the marketplace, keen to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and the clear trend of cash-less and contact-less activities.

In this article, Talisma will tell you how digital platforms are driving change in the fintech sector and elevating customer experience with their many benefits. So, let’s get started!

Channeling digital fintech offerings

Digital payment platforms, wallets, and credit cards have seen a sharp rise in usage. Customers across the world are taking advantage of loans that are available through simple, fast, and secure fintech solutions built on robust infrastructure processes. The Fintech industry is gearing towards making the most of digital customer engagement transformation.

Increasing mobile banking

Financial needs and requirements are increasingly being met by mobile phones, speeding up the digital transformation in the banking industry. Despite being around a while, mobile banking has seen a 200% rise in new registrations.

With smartphones being ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives, the shift of choice to digital banking for daily banking services like electronic bill payments, shared payments and instant transfers is natural.

Simplifying complexities

With a competitive financial market, it is necessary to make online processes secure but more importantly, simple. Advanced digital solutions not only simplify customer experience in the financial sector, but also make customer service processes easier for the platforms as well as the end users.

Big data for driving innovation

The financial sector already appreciates the power of big data analytics. Financial institutions and banks are innovating ways to leverage big data to sell more customised services to their users. One of the most critical ways the fintech sector will be able to use consumer data is using it to train staff to automate their processes, thus saving hours of work.

Mobile pay utilities

Within the span of a few years, mobile wallets have gone from a novel concept to the preferred transactional method for most. Online payment methods continue to evolve over time. The traditional way of cash payment is losing favour with most merchants, with digital payments offering comfort, security, and ease of availability.


Talisma can help enterprises boost their array of financial services, streamline their business, and focus on product quality and their customers. Technological integration calls great promise for future growth and represents an opportunity that fintech platforms must look into.

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