Talisma’s Comprehensive Guide to High-Quality Lead Generation

It is a well-acknowledged fact that achieving quality leads is far difficult than getting conversions. Yes, once you obtain quality leads, turning them into conversions is a piece of cake!

In today’s blog, Talisma, the key lead management system provider in India will present a full-fledged guide on High-Quality Lead Generation so that you can achieve more conversions and great revenues. So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the hot topic.

What do we mean when we say “Lead Generation”?



Lead Generation is an integral part of the sales and marketing process in which we attract the target audience towards the respective business. In other words, lead generation is all about invoking interest in the minds of your potential clients or customers about your business. In today’s era, generating quality leads is a necessity. Obtaining leads that have a higher chance of turning into conversions takes an ample amount of time, patience, smart work, and research.

Why Lead Generation matters in a business?


No matter how small or giant your business is and whether you cater to the needs of the B2B or B2C audience, you need to have a proper and successful lead generation strategy if you want to stay ahead in this dynamic and aggressive business world. To know more about acing the art of Lead Generation, continue reading further.

Organic Versus Paid Leads


There’s one important thing to note about lead generation. You can either get quality leads organically or can buy them from another company or accumulate them through ad campaigns, like Google AdWords. However, in the long run, organic leads are far better than paid ones because organic leads have shown interest in your company with good grace, which means they trust you enough and would love to be a part of your business. On the other hand, paid leads are quick to get but there’s no guarantee that they would be converted because of no sign of vested interest in your business.

Diverse ways to effectuate the game of Quality Lead Generation


Lead Generation can be done in n number of ways depending upon the temperament of your target audience and your marketing and sales goals. Here is an insight into some of the highly profitable ways to produce numberless qualified organic leads.

360° Research


Your lead generation campaign should start and end with RESEARCH. Before launching your marketing campaign, you must execute thorough research on your target audience and the problems they face, fellow competitors, and the latest buzz.

Sales CRMSales-CRM

Sales CRM software is a boon for all marketers who want to get nothing but qualified leads. CRM (Client Relationship Management) comes with endless features to make lead generation easier and productive by helping in connecting the dots – telling you what works for your lead campaign and what does not, tracking your email and social media campaigns, improving user experience, and making you know your leads as “individuals”.

Customer Journey Mapping


You understand things better when you experience them. Through Customer Journey Mapping, you understand things from the customers’ POV and get a sneak peek of what your target users seek from a particular product or service. Customer Journey Mapping makes your brand more client-oriented which in turn is a sure cut way to attract more good leads by improving the CX (Customer Experience).

Social Media


Social Media Platforms are an effective tool to entice your target audience towards your brand. This strategy works best when you deal with a B2C audience and desire high engagement as social media is a free platform where people interact with brands without any hesitation.

Lead Management System


Lead Management System allows you to manage your leads conveniently. The software sometimes comes in-built with CRM having a plethora of vital lead generation features as follows.

  • Lead capture automation – A feature that helps in capturing leads automatically in your system.
  • Lead tracking – Tracks the activities of the leads, like conversations, page visits, and so on.
  • Lead distribution – Smartly distributes the leads to the concerned executives.
  • Lead qualification – Reveals the quality score of the leads so that you know which leads have a higher chance of conversions.
  • Lead nurturing – Helps in retargeting or remarketing so that the potential leads become permanent clients.

Quality Lead Generation is now made simpler by Talisma’s Lead Management System – the most accurate, convenient, and sophisticated lead generation software. Schedule a 100% Free Demo today.


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