The 5 Most Common Customer Service Challenges Faced By Industries Today and How to Solve Them

A good customer service is an essential requisite to deliver satisfactory customer experience. However, customer service is a vital direct interaction channel between a customer and a brand, and managing it seamlessly is easier said than done. Consequently, challenges do arise frequently, failing to address which can prove to be detrimental for customer satisfaction.

While the challenges faced by customer service departments differ across industries, there are some common customer service challenges that most companies can relate to. This article lays out 5 such common customer service challenges faced by industries in today’s age and their respective solutions.

Handling too many queries simultaneously


Most businesses are growing, whether gradually or rapidly, thanks to an ever-growing consumer base and demand. With this growth, come the challenges of handling large volumes of customer queries. It is difficult to address each of these queries with consistent quality as well as prioritize these queries. Making a customer wait can lead to undesirable customer experience, or worse, a loss of a customer.

The best solution here could be to incorporate an effective automated chatbot. Top CRM companies in India, like Talisma, offer live chatbot solutions to address common customer queries perfectly without any necessary manual intervention. In case, the chatbot cannot solve the query on its own, it transfers the query to a customer service representative. This improves efficiency and management in customer service.

Collecting and using available data

Collecting Data

With an ever-growing consumer base and demand, come the unprecedented volumes of customer data and information. The real challenge here is to collect and analyze the right set of data. While catering to a customer query or before proposing an offer to a customer, it is crucial to bring out relevant data to understand who needs what. However, most companies fail to perform that.

The solution here is to have a CRM system with proper customer data analytics capabilities to automate the process of collecting and analyzing large sets of data, while ensuring accurate and fast data retrieval when the need arises.

Unsatisfactory service

Unsatisfactory service

No matter how efficient a customer service team is, there will be situations that will be more complicated than the rest. However, perfectly and efficiently rising to these situations is bound to enhance customer satisfaction and provide a much-needed competitive edge to a company.

For such instances when the problem looks too complex or technical to be solved simply through mere assistance, a co-browsing solution can be of immense help. A live chat with co-browsing solution allows a customer service representative intervene to solve a problem by having access to and control over a customer’s browsing screen. This co-browsing solution hides sensitive and private information pertaining to the customer and hence, is perfectly safe, credible, and highly effective.

A customer service incompatible with the customer journey map

customer journey map

A company’s customer service should be perfectly aligned with its customer journey map. Problems arise when a customer service is clueless about the customer’s stage in the journey, thereby failing to provide accurate and targeted information to the customer. The challenge also lies in constructing a detailed customer journey map in the first place.

Here, the solution lies in adopting a customer journey solution that provides detailed touchpoints and stages in a customer journey and offers insights and data related to the stage in which a customer currently is, queries and useful information for customers in that stage, and more.

Lacking accurate metrics for customer satisfaction

Lack of data

Offering a solution to the customer and closing the ticket is never enough to conclusively claim that a customer has been satisfied by the service or solution. Companies must incorporate accurate metrics that determine whether a customer is truly satisfied. Many businesses fail to recognize this and end up clueless about what needs to be done to boost customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Having big data analytics tools to gain insights into customer behavior and trends in customer retention and lead conversion is the key. Alongside, a CRM that customizes evaluation metrics for customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Each of these common customer service challenges must be overcome with effective strategies and solutions to ensure the best possible customer experience. To address all of these challenges and more, Talisma offers a customized CRM solution that is suited to business needs. Talisma takes note of specific and unique customer service challenges and offers solutions that are designed to address those challenges. Contact Talisma to know more.


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