Top Six Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Email is a part of our daily life. No matter what business you own or what industry you are in, receiving emails, sending ones have become a daily routine. 

According to an article by QuickSprout, it is said that email marketing is one of the most beneficial promotional campaigns for any business. It delivers a tremendous ROI at around 32$ return average on the spending of a mere 1$. 

No wonder even huge brands like Amazon, Swiggy, Flipkart invest a great amount of effort in creating those amazing mails, right?

Experts even say that 81% of smaller businesses acquire customers through email campaigns primarily.

Nevertheless, a huge number of companies complain about their lower click-rates, without even noticing their mistakes for lower growth rates. 

Here are some of the common mistakes in your email marketing campaign that might be holding your company from gaining subscribers.

Lack of personalization

One of the preliminary reasons why email marketing is so essential is because it has is more of a one-on-one communication system. Personalization isn’t just a buzzword, but a huge force behind driving converting your visitors to loyal customers. 

Just by addressing your clients by their first name isn’t enough; you need to dig deeper in an attempt to make a genuine connection. 

A data with all the necessary information including, gender, DoB, location ( for seasons, festivals, etcand more) & as well as interests (relevancy to your product/service) is essential. For thisIn order to do this efficiently, you need an effective email management software. 

Not creating a ‘Welcome’ message

Have you noticed that whenever you subscribe to a well-established huge  brand, say Myntra, emails from the brand they always have an includes an extremely heart-warming message for you? 

This is because as human beings we love to feel welcomed, to be a part of something. 

Gaining a subscriber is great but you need to communicate them in a warm and personalised mannertreat them as your family member. Welcome emails should be triggered as soon as someone signs up. They have some of the highest opening rates. Companies often give “welcome gifts or coupons”. 

It is those the little things that mattergo a long way!

Over-sending Emails

However, aAs intriguing as it might sound, you may be tempted to send out more emails than necessary. 

Too many emails can easily confuse your customers and eventually, they would like to get rid of those daily unnecessary emails overcrowding their inbox. 


Image via Campaign Monitor

It has been noticed that 45.8% of customers have flagged an email as spam because the company sent emails too often. 

Email burnouts are something even big brands often face. Consider using an email monitoring system so that you can keep track of all your emails that you are shootingsending out!.

Overdesigning your email content

When it comes to email marketing, your readers must focus on the content rather than the design. Overcrowding your emails with too many call-to-action buttons or images can make it look awfully unprofessional. 

Keep your subject line short & to the point. Analyze your data. Try on some patterns and look which works the best for your customers & stick to a signature pattern. This will create a consistent brand image, very necessary in this market.

Also, keep your message simple and comprehensive. While designing keep enough space for your written content as that would be the main hero of email marketing campaigns.

Ignoring segmentation of your customers

Let’s say you own a clothing brand for males, focusing on the 25-60 years old demographic. 

Now it’s highly unlikely that a 25-year-old to would be interested in the same products as the a 50-year-old, right?

Therefore, sending the same newsletter or message won’t do any good. It has been seen that around 27% of the people unsubscribe due to irrelevant email content. 

Segment your customers by:

  • Age
  • Sales cycle
  • Location
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Interests

Negligence of mobile users

Smartphones are by far the most used devices in today’s world. 

So, it’s smart to identify acknowledge that most of your customers would be using smartphones to check their emails or shop. 

Your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Some email apps do not even display images properly, so it would be better to rely on text than building a whole campaign based on just pictures. 

So, the next time you are wondering why your click-rate is low it may help to be going through these above issues and fix them. Most of Tthese are some of the issues that can be solved by using an email management software. 

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